How a man can help her better half during menopause time

Menopause is the time when women menstruation days starts getting lesser and ultimately they ends. But during this time woman faces different changes in her i.e. mood swings, sleepless nights, less sexual desire and period days become unpredictable. Even her metabolism gets weaker and she finds herself getting old. During this phase a lot of support and care is needed from her husband.
Generally husband feel helpless as they don't know how to help their wife during this time. Here I share some tips which can be beneficial for happy life of the couple.
1. Talk with your wife about how she feels and give her emotional support which can boost her and bring happiness.
2. Don't force her for sex. Instead you can talk with her. Watching romantic movie, listening songs or even going through old memories can cheer up her mood and she can get turned on.
3. Counsel her that this is just a phase and will pass by.
4. Give her head massage, hug her while sleeping and be sure in telling her that you love her not her body.
5. Your emotional care for her  an do wonders and this phase in your life can easily pass by.
Life has lots of phases and you need to take care that you enjoy each and every phase to fullest.
Love life... Live life!!!

Saas Bahu relationship:Useful tips for men to handle it

Relationship between Saas bahu is often classified as the most delicate relationship as lots of ego of different sorts are attached to it.The man ( son of one and husband of another has to suffer in between).Man get crushed between the two parties as he is near and dear to both of them and both wants him to listen only to her. it becomes stressful and awkward sit Here I want to share some useful tips for man to cope up with the situation 
Saas Bahu relationship:Useful tips for men to handle it

1. Dont try to be the judge: It is advised for man that he should not try to judge who is right and who is wrong. If he gets into this, he will surely annoy one of them and that wont be good for all.
2. Be diplomatic: Being diplomatic and giving equal importance and sympathy to both will only serve the purpose. Blaming one will only worsen the situation.
3. Don't try to dig facts and find truth: In case of misunderstanding between two, never try becoming investigator and finding out whose at fault. This will make one of the two on backfoot and she wont be able to digest her defeat. So put a deaf ear to all the narrations told to you of the situation.
4. Speak to your mom that you are her son but you are also husband now: Speak up with your mom that you have additional responsibility now. You have to take care of your wife as well now
5. Speak with your wife that you are also a son: Make clear to your wife that you are also a son and also tell her that you are most important to me now but I need to take care of my mother as well.
6. Help your wife to keep herself busy with other things as well and tell her not to involve in harsh discussion with your mother.
7. Love your wife, go for outing and enjoy your life and tell her that these are small things in life which have to be tackled with care. 
The wisely you will handle the situation the better will be your life. Both are important to you so try maintaining a balance and enjoy life.
Love Life...Live Life!!!!

How to deal with person in family who keeps on telling lies

It is hard to deal with person whose primary objective or intention is to tell lies in order to maintain reputation in family and to hinder others reputation.
You must be very cautious from such person and remember such points:
1. Don't get yourself captured in those lies. Have strong control over the truth and keep yourself away from fantasy told by such person as the person who keeps on telling lie is often predictable.
2. Crush the person off when things start getting over limit and don't get yourself wrapped up in such situation.
See you must tackle situation with lot of patience and courage and try not to get stuck in these situations.
Be cautious and enjoy life!!!
Love life live life!!!

Kiss which may make your partner go crazy

Kissing is an art and the warmth caused by kiss is much more than any other gesture. All senses of body gets stimulated while you kiss and it is stress reliever and also helps in burning calories.
A good satisfying kissing is an art and should keep following things in mind while kissing.
1. Your lips are the once which gets close to your partner lips so take good care of your lips. The smoother, pink/red and shiny they are more attractive they will be. Your lips should be that teasing that your partner should not be able to resist without getting close to you. 
Kiss which may make your partner go crazy
2. The odor of your mouth ie your breath also plays important role while kissing. Use mouth wash and also brush your teeth properly so that your mouth smells good. 
3. Don't go for smooching immediately, rather start with teasing small kisses where your nose gets poked in your partners nose.
4. When you start feeling the heat and desire to be close, lip lock your partner for a while hugging each other hard.
5. Don't use tongue immediately, but when you both are too passionate and can't resist getting apart, let your tongue play with the tongue of your partner.
6.And then go for long intense kiss ie smooch making you both crazy for each other.
If you will have emotions while kissing you will enjoy it as much as you enjoy having sex. It is also as magical as having sex. So enjoy kissing!!!
Love life... Live life!!!

Lets talk about morning sex

Morning sex is most fascinating experience and it is most refreshing for the couple as it keeps them healthy and excited the whole day in their work. It is better than going out for workout as it burns calories and that too without putting additional effort. It increases your bonding with your partner and your mood is fresh the whole day. Morning sex relieves stress and even make one looks younger. While having sex in morning cuddle hormones are released which makes you more closer to your partner. Your skin glows because of your happiness and hormones produced during having sex.
If it is that beneficial, then why not go for it.. 
foreplay, sex, relationship
Lets talk about morning sex

Here I share the ways to initiate morning sex
1. Start teasing each other while you are half sleep touching each other's erotic areas like behind the ears, neck and cuddle together.
2. Kiss each other or even breath close, that warmth will make you both excited to go for sex.
3. If you are worry about time, set your alarm clock say about 20 minutes early than your daily routine. If you feel like sleeping more then just go close to your partner, hug her and sleep. Automatically, your desires will start stimulating.
4. You can be lazy while having sex and go for positions which donot require much of effort. Those lazy positions which can be done lying in bed can be exciting.
5. You both can have shower together which will save time and you can take out time while having shower for sex.
6.Morning light, light breeze and slow noise of birds chirping makes you romantic if you wish to get started just focus on enjoying this beauty of nature. You will naturally be turned on.
7. Positions like spooning, doggy, cowgirl,hot wrap, 69 position can be ideal for morning sex.
Enjoy these tips and boost up your sex life.
Love life.. Live life!!!

8 tips to make your sex life spicy

Spicy sex life is what we all want. If your sex life is naughty and happy you will feel more efficient the whole day in your work. 
foreplay, sex, love
8 tips to make your sex life spicy

Here I want to suggest some tips which may help you make your sex life wilder and spicy
1. Having wild foreplay before sex can be exciting. Here girl should take lead and must behave like wild cat giving teasing touch, lick on private part of yours to arouse your inner wildness. This will make you both crazy for each other
2. Tieing your partner(obviously if one agrees to it) and covering partners eyes with black cloth and then giving him or her sensual touching, licking, sucking and kissing experience where other one could hardly move and resist can also make you both craziest.
3. Playing with the G-spot of your partner can excite him. Boys G spot lies in the ball near his private part. If you play with his private part with your fingers, lick it or even suck he will feel as he is on cloud nine. Be sure that your nails are trimmed and you do anything without hurting him as it is most delicate part of man.Also, do whatever after taking consent from him.
Similarly man can lick the G-spot of the girl which is inside her vagina. Sucking and kicking on that part can make her crazy and she will go mad to get very close to you.
4. Sex toys can also be exciting and can make you erotic and naughty adding spice in your intense moments.
5. Trying out different positions can also be exciting and can make you both crazy. Lying at side or having your girl ride you or any other position will add spark your sex life.
6. Move out of your bedroom and have sex at different locations. This is fascinating. Having sex on kitchen counter or on the couch or on the carpet on your study table can be oh la la la.. Just imagine how exciting it would be. If you have open area and you get a chance to come close there, just imagine it.
7. Having sex in shower can be really erotic when you both put shower gel to each other and rub it on each other's body.
8. Giving each other body massage can other be erotic as well. Put oil on your body and your partners body and rub your body against your partner and massage. Massaging with your boobs can be craziest.
It is your imagination which can add spice to your sex life so be creative and naughty as much as you can. Enjoy your life..
Love life... Live life!!!!

Ways which can help you to maintain work-life balance after marriage

Just after your marriage, after the good honeymoon times and when your leaves come to an end the real challenge starts for both man and woman(if she is working) to maintain work life balance.
Life is not the same as it was before marriage where there were no such responsibilities on you. Now you have to take care of househild chores, personal life, family and ofcourse your office.
You start feeling like you are always short of time and things never end up. Family and relatives have their expectations towards you as well. 
family stress, love, marriage, relationship
Ways which can help you to maintain work-life balance after marriage

And there comes a time when you find little or no time for your spouse and yourself. This leads to frustration and marriage charm starts fading.
It is essential to maintain work life balance to make your relationship always in blooming phase.
Here I share some points which one should follow to maintain that much needed balance:
1. Always make a priority list and keep your relationship at the top. Ultimately it is you two who have just started your new life and the more time you will spend together the better will be your bonding.
2. Keep your office work restricted to office only especially in the initial days of marriage. If there is too much work pressure, work for an hour more but in office only. When you are at home try to forget about office until its very urgent. If you will be mentally not occupied about office at home, you can fully utilise this time with your partner. If possible switch off office phone at least from 8 in evening to 7 in morning( if you have normal working shifts)
3.Try to restrict time with family and friends. Take atleast one day in a week which you both spend with each other without others poking into it.
4. Whenever you get breaks, plan vacations, this will give you energy to work more efficiently and better will be your work and personal life.
5.Always keep doing small little romantic things for each other like sending a message, bringing flowers, having candle light dinner, going for long drive, dancing together etc
6. Keep showing your concern for each other atleast once or twice from office as well.May be you can talk during lunch break or message whenever you are free.
7. If both of you are working, try cooking together and doing silly naughty things to keep showing your romantic gestures. This will keep your love life having new sparks and you both will enjoy it.
8. Physical intimacy also has its importance and please don't ignore it in work pressure but plan your work in such a way that you can be physically ready to come close to your partner. These intense moments makes your relationship strong.
9. Also don't forget to take out time for personal grooming as it is also essential at work place and also in your family/personal life.
10. Last but not least, it is you both who have to manage it. So be open to your partner and conversate on case you are finding any situation difficult to handle. The more you will discuss, easier will be to find the solution because we all know that every situation has some solution.
It is your life,love it to fullest and enjoy your work as well as your home.
Love life... Live life!!!
Yours and only yours
Rati Rai

How a man can help her better half during menopause time

Menopause is the time when women menstruation days starts getting lesser and ultimately they ends. But during this time woman faces differen...