How a man can help her better half during menopause time

Menopause is the time when women menstruation days starts getting lesser and ultimately they ends. But during this time woman faces different changes in her i.e. mood swings, sleepless nights, less sexual desire and period days become unpredictable. Even her metabolism gets weaker and she finds herself getting old. During this phase a lot of support and care is needed from her husband.
Generally husband feel helpless as they don't know how to help their wife during this time. Here I share some tips which can be beneficial for happy life of the couple.
1. Talk with your wife about how she feels and give her emotional support which can boost her and bring happiness.
2. Don't force her for sex. Instead you can talk with her. Watching romantic movie, listening songs or even going through old memories can cheer up her mood and she can get turned on.
3. Counsel her that this is just a phase and will pass by.
4. Give her head massage, hug her while sleeping and be sure in telling her that you love her not her body.
5. Your emotional care for her  an do wonders and this phase in your life can easily pass by.
Life has lots of phases and you need to take care that you enjoy each and every phase to fullest.
Love life... Live life!!!

Saas Bahu relationship:Useful tips for men to handle it

Relationship between Saas bahu is often classified as the most delicate relationship as lots of ego of different sorts are attached to it.The man ( son of one and husband of another has to suffer in between).Man get crushed between the two parties as he is near and dear to both of them and both wants him to listen only to her. it becomes stressful and awkward sit Here I want to share some useful tips for man to cope up with the situation 
Saas Bahu relationship:Useful tips for men to handle it

1. Dont try to be the judge: It is advised for man that he should not try to judge who is right and who is wrong. If he gets into this, he will surely annoy one of them and that wont be good for all.
2. Be diplomatic: Being diplomatic and giving equal importance and sympathy to both will only serve the purpose. Blaming one will only worsen the situation.
3. Don't try to dig facts and find truth: In case of misunderstanding between two, never try becoming investigator and finding out whose at fault. This will make one of the two on backfoot and she wont be able to digest her defeat. So put a deaf ear to all the narrations told to you of the situation.
4. Speak to your mom that you are her son but you are also husband now: Speak up with your mom that you have additional responsibility now. You have to take care of your wife as well now
5. Speak with your wife that you are also a son: Make clear to your wife that you are also a son and also tell her that you are most important to me now but I need to take care of my mother as well.
6. Help your wife to keep herself busy with other things as well and tell her not to involve in harsh discussion with your mother.
7. Love your wife, go for outing and enjoy your life and tell her that these are small things in life which have to be tackled with care. 
The wisely you will handle the situation the better will be your life. Both are important to you so try maintaining a balance and enjoy life.
Love Life...Live Life!!!!

How to deal with person in family who keeps on telling lies

It is hard to deal with person whose primary objective or intention is to tell lies in order to maintain reputation in family and to hinder others reputation.
You must be very cautious from such person and remember such points:
1. Don't get yourself captured in those lies. Have strong control over the truth and keep yourself away from fantasy told by such person as the person who keeps on telling lie is often predictable.
2. Crush the person off when things start getting over limit and don't get yourself wrapped up in such situation.
See you must tackle situation with lot of patience and courage and try not to get stuck in these situations.
Be cautious and enjoy life!!!
Love life live life!!!

Kiss which may make your partner go crazy

Kissing is an art and the warmth caused by kiss is much more than any other gesture. All senses of body gets stimulated while you kiss and it is stress reliever and also helps in burning calories.
A good satisfying kissing is an art and should keep following things in mind while kissing.
1. Your lips are the once which gets close to your partner lips so take good care of your lips. The smoother, pink/red and shiny they are more attractive they will be. Your lips should be that teasing that your partner should not be able to resist without getting close to you. 
Kiss which may make your partner go crazy
2. The odor of your mouth ie your breath also plays important role while kissing. Use mouth wash and also brush your teeth properly so that your mouth smells good. 
3. Don't go for smooching immediately, rather start with teasing small kisses where your nose gets poked in your partners nose.
4. When you start feeling the heat and desire to be close, lip lock your partner for a while hugging each other hard.
5. Don't use tongue immediately, but when you both are too passionate and can't resist getting apart, let your tongue play with the tongue of your partner.
6.And then go for long intense kiss ie smooch making you both crazy for each other.
If you will have emotions while kissing you will enjoy it as much as you enjoy having sex. It is also as magical as having sex. So enjoy kissing!!!
Love life... Live life!!!

Lets talk about morning sex

Morning sex is most fascinating experience and it is most refreshing for the couple as it keeps them healthy and excited the whole day in their work. It is better than going out for workout as it burns calories and that too without putting additional effort. It increases your bonding with your partner and your mood is fresh the whole day. Morning sex relieves stress and even make one looks younger. While having sex in morning cuddle hormones are released which makes you more closer to your partner. Your skin glows because of your happiness and hormones produced during having sex.
If it is that beneficial, then why not go for it.. 
foreplay, sex, relationship
Lets talk about morning sex

Here I share the ways to initiate morning sex
1. Start teasing each other while you are half sleep touching each other's erotic areas like behind the ears, neck and cuddle together.
2. Kiss each other or even breath close, that warmth will make you both excited to go for sex.
3. If you are worry about time, set your alarm clock say about 20 minutes early than your daily routine. If you feel like sleeping more then just go close to your partner, hug her and sleep. Automatically, your desires will start stimulating.
4. You can be lazy while having sex and go for positions which donot require much of effort. Those lazy positions which can be done lying in bed can be exciting.
5. You both can have shower together which will save time and you can take out time while having shower for sex.
6.Morning light, light breeze and slow noise of birds chirping makes you romantic if you wish to get started just focus on enjoying this beauty of nature. You will naturally be turned on.
7. Positions like spooning, doggy, cowgirl,hot wrap, 69 position can be ideal for morning sex.
Enjoy these tips and boost up your sex life.
Love life.. Live life!!!

8 tips to make your sex life spicy

Spicy sex life is what we all want. If your sex life is naughty and happy you will feel more efficient the whole day in your work. 
foreplay, sex, love
8 tips to make your sex life spicy

Here I want to suggest some tips which may help you make your sex life wilder and spicy
1. Having wild foreplay before sex can be exciting. Here girl should take lead and must behave like wild cat giving teasing touch, lick on private part of yours to arouse your inner wildness. This will make you both crazy for each other
2. Tieing your partner(obviously if one agrees to it) and covering partners eyes with black cloth and then giving him or her sensual touching, licking, sucking and kissing experience where other one could hardly move and resist can also make you both craziest.
3. Playing with the G-spot of your partner can excite him. Boys G spot lies in the ball near his private part. If you play with his private part with your fingers, lick it or even suck he will feel as he is on cloud nine. Be sure that your nails are trimmed and you do anything without hurting him as it is most delicate part of man.Also, do whatever after taking consent from him.
Similarly man can lick the G-spot of the girl which is inside her vagina. Sucking and kicking on that part can make her crazy and she will go mad to get very close to you.
4. Sex toys can also be exciting and can make you erotic and naughty adding spice in your intense moments.
5. Trying out different positions can also be exciting and can make you both crazy. Lying at side or having your girl ride you or any other position will add spark your sex life.
6. Move out of your bedroom and have sex at different locations. This is fascinating. Having sex on kitchen counter or on the couch or on the carpet on your study table can be oh la la la.. Just imagine how exciting it would be. If you have open area and you get a chance to come close there, just imagine it.
7. Having sex in shower can be really erotic when you both put shower gel to each other and rub it on each other's body.
8. Giving each other body massage can other be erotic as well. Put oil on your body and your partners body and rub your body against your partner and massage. Massaging with your boobs can be craziest.
It is your imagination which can add spice to your sex life so be creative and naughty as much as you can. Enjoy your life..
Love life... Live life!!!!

Ways which can help you to maintain work-life balance after marriage

Just after your marriage, after the good honeymoon times and when your leaves come to an end the real challenge starts for both man and woman(if she is working) to maintain work life balance.
Life is not the same as it was before marriage where there were no such responsibilities on you. Now you have to take care of househild chores, personal life, family and ofcourse your office.
You start feeling like you are always short of time and things never end up. Family and relatives have their expectations towards you as well. 
family stress, love, marriage, relationship
Ways which can help you to maintain work-life balance after marriage

And there comes a time when you find little or no time for your spouse and yourself. This leads to frustration and marriage charm starts fading.
It is essential to maintain work life balance to make your relationship always in blooming phase.
Here I share some points which one should follow to maintain that much needed balance:
1. Always make a priority list and keep your relationship at the top. Ultimately it is you two who have just started your new life and the more time you will spend together the better will be your bonding.
2. Keep your office work restricted to office only especially in the initial days of marriage. If there is too much work pressure, work for an hour more but in office only. When you are at home try to forget about office until its very urgent. If you will be mentally not occupied about office at home, you can fully utilise this time with your partner. If possible switch off office phone at least from 8 in evening to 7 in morning( if you have normal working shifts)
3.Try to restrict time with family and friends. Take atleast one day in a week which you both spend with each other without others poking into it.
4. Whenever you get breaks, plan vacations, this will give you energy to work more efficiently and better will be your work and personal life.
5.Always keep doing small little romantic things for each other like sending a message, bringing flowers, having candle light dinner, going for long drive, dancing together etc
6. Keep showing your concern for each other atleast once or twice from office as well.May be you can talk during lunch break or message whenever you are free.
7. If both of you are working, try cooking together and doing silly naughty things to keep showing your romantic gestures. This will keep your love life having new sparks and you both will enjoy it.
8. Physical intimacy also has its importance and please don't ignore it in work pressure but plan your work in such a way that you can be physically ready to come close to your partner. These intense moments makes your relationship strong.
9. Also don't forget to take out time for personal grooming as it is also essential at work place and also in your family/personal life.
10. Last but not least, it is you both who have to manage it. So be open to your partner and conversate on case you are finding any situation difficult to handle. The more you will discuss, easier will be to find the solution because we all know that every situation has some solution.
It is your life,love it to fullest and enjoy your work as well as your home.
Love life... Live life!!!
Yours and only yours
Rati Rai

Your man can be crazy for you: A must read for all girls.

Life is journey and it has different phases. Some phases might  be very romantic while some phases may make life look gloomy. Your love life also has phases but a happy and ever cherishing love life makes you feel young.
If you find your life is getting monotonous, being little naughty and crazy can make your life happening. A little attempt from your end can add spice in your life which we all want.
Here I share some golden rules which may make your man gets crazy for you and your closeness will increase. 
Your man can be crazy for you: A must read for all girls. 

1. Open up with your man and talk about everything including his touching you. Talk about your romantic moments, your memories and even do dirty talking which will make him sexual attracted towards you. Tell him the sex positions you like and how you like when he comes close to you. This conversation will make him go crazy for you.
2. Add up some adventure to your life. May be you both can go for long drive, playing some sports together or even going out for holidays. These adventurous things makes you both feel refreshed and get crazy for each other.
3.Give him surprises by arranging candle light dinner or by dressing up in a way he likes. Be little sexy in your appearances. Go out for long walk and spend quality time together with each other.
4. Don't ignore your personal grooming as well. Take care of yourself and your body. Sexy body and looks always attract man, this is a secret which we all are aware of.
5. Let him know that you enjoy his closeness towards you. You love when he hugs you, kisses you. You can even surprise him with a random kiss or by touching his private part. This will make him crazy for you and know your naughty intentions.
6. Dancing together also brings closeness and your partner loves those moments. Singing together or even watching movie together makes you both come close to each other. Don't miss chances of coming close.
7. After those romantic moments when it comes to sex, don't go straight into it. Enjoy foreplay and take lead by playing with his private part to drive him crazy for you. Wear your sexy lingerie and give him surprise by coming over him and behaving like wild cat. He will definitely go mad for you and will eat you up.. I bet.
Your naughtiness and crazyness can make your life full of energy and charm. So make your man crazy for you and don't let your life go on dull track.
Love life... Live life!!!
Rati Rai

Lets talk about Love and infatuation

Love is strong feeling for someone which grows with time whereas infatuation is feeling for short time merely due to attraction or desire to have someone for you.
Life span of infatuation is limited whereas love lasts for longer time or its bond for lifetime. Infatuation may be considered as a part of love in one sense as if you are close to someone and have feelings for him/her, you start infatuating towards her. But if we look both of them in detail, they are totally different and are not complimentary to each other. 
love, relationship
Lets talk about Love and infatuation

1.Infatuation is instant reaction and you become crazy for someone and want to have that person for you. You have physical desires for that person and you keep on thinking for the one all day and night. On the other hand love is a bond which develops with time and you have feelings for someone which is affection, care and you get emotionally attached to that person. If you are in real love you become a more mature person and your behaviour is much more calmer. You want that person in your life to hold your hand and walk side by side in all ups and down and not just for physical satisfaction.
2.You become possessive if you are infatuated for someone and that thing wants you to have that person for you but in case of love you let things go and you start building deep connection with some person. His all good becomes good for you and all bad becomes bad for you. Your soul starts getting connected with the other person.
3.Generally friendship preludes love and time spend together and bonding established give roots to love to blossom. Infatuation is all of a sudden and desire emerges in it and you start behaving like a child and can do anything to get that person for you.
4.You start becoming insecure if that person talks to someone else and also aggressive sometimes in case of infatuation whereas you have full believe in yourself that the other person will be yours and you never get aggressive.
5. You can be infatuated with number of persons but you fall in love with only one person. It is life long feeling for someone. Love has power to heal you up but infatuation destroys you and make you sick. 
love, relationship
Lets talk about Love and infatuation

Love is life long experience and a feeling which goes through all ups and downs but you have same bonding for that person and your relationship keeps on getting mature with time. So lets all fall in love and make life worthy of living.
Love life.. Live life!!!
Rati Rai.

Periods:Role of man during those days

Menstruation is the 4-5 days cycle in women every month scenerio when she finds not that comfortable as she is on rest of the days. She may have cramps, low abdomen pain, back pain and frequent mood swings. It is exhaustic time for women because of harmonal changes inside her body.Husband have very important role to play during that time. 
menstruation, relationship, patipatni
Periods:Role of man during those days

1.If husband understands that his wife is not comfortable in those days and try to talk to her, get close to her emotionally, try to listen to her and be as close as you can to her without being physically close will make her feel comfortable. It is your love and care which she will cherish and forget about her crankyness.
2.Hug her, take her for a drive, kiss her and walk with her hand in hand at the time she is feeling low. Believe me she will feel on top of world and forget all uneasyness and your relationship will be on next level.
3.Please keep away your sexual desires that time and don't try to get physically close to her. She will appreciate this gesture of yours.
4.If she is feeling very low because of this, talk to her all that what she wants to listen. Three magical words I love you can also do the magic and she will feel better.
Your little care and love will help her cope with any of circumstances. It is you what she needs all the time.
Enjoy your life and showing bit of concern for each other can do magic.
Love life... Live life!!!

Mother in law ( wife's mother) factor in your married life: How should it be tackled

According to Indian custom, girls after marriage have to go to husband's place leaving their parents place. It is obvious that love for your parents cannot be reduced but one has to get adjusted in new life as well. It has been seen these days many problem in married life of couples is caused due to interference of wife's mother.
It is fact that mother's love for her daughter is extreme and has no comparison. Mother can do anything for her daughter and daughter's are close to their mothers.For a mother, her daughter is always a child and she loves her from core of her heart. A small pinch to daughter can cause pain to mother as she loves her more than herself.
marriage, shaadi, relationship, rules
Mother in law ( wife's mother) factor in  your married life: How should it be tackled   

Now, in new married life, there is new family with which her daughter has to cope with. She is not familiar to anyone and we all know no two people are unique.Adjustment in new environment takes time for sure. If it is love marriage then she might have bonding with her husband but in case of arrange marriage, bonding is restricted to the exposure they both have got to know each other in courtship phase and that is limited in most of cases specially in middle class families.
Now in new environment things will be favorable and some things might not be favorable so newly married girl becomes upset and shares the feeling with her mother. For mother she is still a small baby and she cannot resist if anything is done against her daughter mood or like. She may ask her daughter to oppose or will see things only from her daughters perspective.Her advises may harm the new relationship of her daughter. 
Now if the situation is tackled tactfully things can be better. Fact here is no one wants to spoil the relationship and there is no ones fault. Following points should be remembered to make relations happier and healthier.
1) Girl should understand that it is new beginning of her life and her role as a person has changed. She has to play a mature role now. She might feel things bad but she should not communicate everything to her mother who is listening and reacting only by knowing one perspective that too of her loved one.
2) Girl must not hesitate in talking to her husband about the situation if she is unable to tackle and husband should intervene maturely as it is his responsibility to provide healthy environment to his wife, a new member to family.
3) A little patience is required as your new life is like a plant which  you are planting and it requires  lot of care and love to grow. So, dont be too aggressive and try to be loving and caring.
4)It is your new life and time to get close to your husband, forget all other persons around you and keep your mind fresh and enjoy ths precious moment of life.
The more you will support your wife to handle things by yourself the more attachment of girl will be towards your family and this is must for any relationship and girls also should not be childish and handle this phase delicately. Believe me once you are through this phase , life will be fun . Infact life is always fun ..its your perspective which needs to be positive!!!

What can one do if partner wants divorce

Bringing any relationship to end is matter of seconds. But it takes long to bring relationship bloom. It requires lot of love, care, commitment and respect to bring flowers in any relationship.
It is most difficult time when one starts thinking of taking divorce but lot can be done to stop the other one to think so. Some deliberate efforts can help you bring your relationship back on track. 
patipatni, divorce, relationship
What can one do if partner wants divorce

1. Straightly ask your partner why he thinks so. And tell that you can never think of living away from him. Open up the door to communication.
2. Ask your partner to write down the reasons for taking divorce from you and you write down why you don't want divorce if this is the case and share your writings with each other. Don't discuss on each point but read what other has written. After sometime say over a night you can discuss because after giving sometime for thinking your perspective might have changed.
3.Try to listen to your partner and speak less. Have patience in yourself if you really don't want divorce. Think of the things from others point of view also.
4.Take out some time for meditation as this will make you calmer and you will be able to not over react while having discussion.
5.Talk about the good times you both have spend in your relationship together and try to find out the real reason behind the cause of frustration and introspect yourself that how much you are responsible for it. 
patipatni, divorce, relationship
What can one do if partner wants divorce

6. Even you can involve some good friend of you both to sit and counsel both of you or you can go to professional marriage counsellor for advice.
Relationship are life blood so preserve them with love, care, trust and understanding.
Enjoy life...
Live life... Live life!!!

How to deal with partner who is too dominating

If your partner is dominating i. e. who takes most of decisions of your life too and who controls you, your life can be miserable. Being in love with such a person reduces your chances of getting apart from him also.
Initially, you may think that let life go smoothly and may not interfere in the way you are being controlled but life becomes tough as it goes on.
Here I suggest you some ways which can make your life easy and help you to live with each other peacefully.
1. You should never let things go but you should resist that you also have a choice. You should tell your partner that it is not that you like what he do but it is you also want to do on your own also. Conversate your spouse about your likes and dislikes.
2. Make your partner aware that you don't like his this sort of behaviour. Make your spouse aware that this sort of behaviour troubles you and often cause stress. Let the point be clear that if decision is taken mutually you appreciate it and it is not that you want to dominate your partner.
3. Take some decisions by yourself also. This will make your partner realise that you are independent and have your own thoughtprocess.
4.Don't follow a diplomatic approach. Clear and assertive approach is always appreciable. So always tell your point but in a soft polite tone and language
5. Last but not least it is you two who can improve your relationship. So talk to each other and try to improve your concerns. A little help from family and friends may help but ultimately you two have to work on betterment of your relationship.  Frustration and stress in any relationship can finish it. Nurture your relationship with love and care so that it is long lasting and you enjoy your life.
girlfriend/boyfriend,relationship, patipatni
How to deal with partner who is too dominating

So enjoy life.. Love life.. Live life!!!

What to do if you think your partner is cheating with you

In relationship, trust is utmost important. But if you get to sense that your partner is going along with someone else, you start feeling low and you find all your love, affection and trust is broken.
Here I want to say that only thinking about your partner is cheating without any proof or certainty, you should not over react but make all possible ways to know the truth.
Till you get to know the truth, don't let your trust get broken. Here are certain things which you should do in such situation:
First of all try to remember all instances that made you think so. Write them down on piece of paper. Then after a while when your mind is cool read them again and analyse how important these reasons can be. 
What to do if you think your partner is cheating with you

You should think of your relationship with your partner and how much love and care you share with each other. Try to note down all romantic goodie moments you have shared together.
Also try to figure out is your relationship going on right track these days. Think on the line are you giving each other ample time.
If you find after writing that things are not that bad as you may be imagining then conversation holds the key. Talk to your partner may be directly and find out the answer to your suspicion. This step will let you know the reality.
See trust is most important in relationship. If trust is broken there is end of relationship because love and care are flowers of trust. Sometimes misunderstandings can ruin relationship. On the other hand, if other one is cheating seriously than there is no forgiveness but don't let your relationship get spoiled because of just misunderstanding.
Love life.. Live life!!!

How to deal with family members who stress you

Generally there are some members in family who are there to stress you as stressing others is their favorite pass time. In festive season or holidays when you want to relax or enjoy, you generally get stuck because of these members who may be anyone of your in laws.Visiting them and spending time with them is what situation demands but their comments stress you up and the heart rate in your body rises and your body gets flooded with the harmones called cortisol and norepinephrine which makes you more stressful. These person simply enjoy making stories of situations and adding pinching comments so that they can satisfy their ego. You might take time to understand that their real motive is only to show their importance as this is only their time pass.
Generally these people don't have much productive work to do and they pretend that they are the most ethical persons in this whole world. When you get out of this environment created by them and start realizing their nature then you start feeling even more stressed as you know that everything what is done is intentional. 
familystress, rules
How to deal with family members who stress you 

The best way to deal with such people is to let them go and do whatever they want. Let them speaking and satisfying their so called ego.
You can also sarcastically give replies sometimes which might give them a set back.
You need to make your self prepared that this phase is shortlived so why to care and take this phase that seriously. I know this is easy to say and very difficult to follow but try it and implement it..
Plan your visit to such people as short as possible and try to keep yourself busy in yourself when you are with them. May be you can involve yourself with your kids or some other task that you get least time to conversate.
Be positive and always keep thinking of happy times ahead when you get stuck in these situation.
Even you can reply in question to their question. This will make them thinking. These people aim at grilling you to take out something from your mouth and make stories so speak less and hear less too
Love life... Live life!!!

How to get your girl ultimately satisfied while in bed

Ultimate satisfaction is something which is beyond words to describe. If ultimate satisfaction is reached by both men and women in bed your sexual life would be like a old wine which keeps on getting better.
Here I share some golden tips which may help you both get that level of satisfaction which no one describe in words.
foreplay, sex
How to get your girl ultimately satisfied while in bed

1. Keep on trying with new things:The more innovative and naughty your foreplay will be, the more are the chances that you will both get carried away easily and achieve that level when you found yourself on cloud nine away from the world. Monotonous way of coming close can make you loose desire for sex.
Here I suggest some of the ideas
a. Having shower together
b. Playing sexual games
c. Watching adult movie together
d. Singing for your girl if you can sing and she likes your singing
e.Rubbing ice all over her body especially at her breast, on naval point, her private parts etc.
f. Close her eyes and lick her all over
g. Give her a love bite
This list can be long depending your naughtiness and imagination. Even simple things like dancing together,having candle light dinner can also arouse your partner.
2. Start with oral sex: Oral sex is also a factor with arouse your girl and give you both ultimate satisfaction. Suck each other's private parts. This will increase your desire and you both will get that excited and will want to get as close and possible leading to ultimate satisfaction.
3.Keep on trying new positions: Different angles of penetration provides different level of satisfaction.
4.Communicate and ask your girl about her likes and dislikes while having sex:Keeping these likes and dislikes in mind and strictly following them can do wonders.

Hope you both will get ultimate satisfaction following these golden rules. Keep enjoying!!
Live life.. Love life!!!

When should we go ahead and plan to have kids?

When should we go to the next phase of our life and have kids? This is in fact one major question in mind of couples.
Couples after marriage are having rosy rosy time with less responsibilities and more hanging out together. Trips, romantic dinners, intimate moments and being free is what they are enjoying now and they know once they have kid or once wife is pregnant life will not be that free or rosy. Responsibilities will grow and lesser time they will have for each other. So the question at back of mind of each other is when is the right time. Here I try to share certain factors which you should think before planning a child..
children,marriage, patipatni,pregnancy,shaadi
Add captioWhen should we go ahead and plan to have kids?n

1)Age factor is important in planning a child. Generally these days we find marriages at age around 30 so one must not wait too much before going for a child. But it is important to enjoy those moments of freeness as these moments are golden ones and you will cherish them for life time. These moments will lay foundation of strong bonding between you two.So whatever the age is, don't be in a hurry, at least give 10-12 months to yourself and then plan.
2)The other thing you must always consider is your financial ability. Expenses gonna be more once you conceive and truly speaking we all want best upbringing of our child. So check your financial stability also.
3)Family pressure starts mounting just you get married and people start giving you advice to have kids. Ignore these words of people initially but don't let that pressure mount that much that you think it is a task now because if you will find yourself under too much pressure you won't be able to conceive. Things done under pressure and tension give lesser results than done with pleasure. So be sure you are not too late.
4)Once you find that you have develop good bonding and understanding with your spouse and no decision is compulsion now and you have reached that level that you both can discuss and take decision than you may start thinking in direction of having kids. If you both have maturity in thinking, you will easily be able to cope with the phase coming up next. 
5) Too much romance also becomes monotonous and at one time you want change, I suggest if you start feeling so you might start thinking in direction to have kids.
6)If kids of your friends or relatives becomes attraction for you both and you want to spend time with kids, it might be signal that you can go to have one of yours.
children,marriage, patipatni,pregnancy,shaadi
When should we go ahead and plan to have kids?
Having child is not decision of one, it is mutual decision so its better that you both prepare yourself mentally so that you enjoy each and every moment of this beautiful phase.

Love life... Live life!!!
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How to get your girlfriend in mood?

If you are in relationship,a thought that always is at back of your mind is how to turn on your girl ie. how to get her in mood. This is not a easy task as you have to turn her and she should even not know that you are deliberately doing it. No girl like that you have sex back in mind when you are getting romantic. This is the fact. If she knows that you have intention and your actions are governed by it,it will be terrible situation for you and you might even loose your girlfriend. So be careful.
Secondly to set her to mood, you must have sex in mind otherwise you won't be able to get close or turn her on.
 Here are some tips for getting her to mood:
1)Try spending time in isolation with her. The more you will get chance to spend time together, chances of getting close will be high.
girlfriend/boyfriend,relationship,sex, rules
How to get your girlfriend in mood?

2)Hold her hands gently while walking around, give kiss on her forehead and her eyes. Then come triangle plan ie. Look in her left eyes for 2 sec, then right eye for 2 sec and then her lips for longer time ie 3 sec. This will let her know your mood.
3)Hold her from shoulders and bring her close to your side so that she can feel a bit of your warmth. Girls like these soft moments.
4)Plan a romantic date with candle light dinner, soft romantic music and champagne. Girls like this gesture and get carried away easily.
5)Roll your fingers in her hair, praise her and talk about romantic moments or even you can sing a song for her.
6)Talking bit naughty and seeing her reaction can get you a signal that she wants to go further. Laughing together on silly jokes can also set her in mood.
7)Now if you find that she wants it to happen, take lead and kiss her on lips. Don't hesitate now. If you hesitate, you will miss the chance.
8)Take her to some private place closing hugging her holding her from waist. You can start getting naughty now. You can tough her body above her dress now. Roll her back, kiss on her neck, behind the ears. You might be wondering will it work, I tell you this works.. Try it🤗
9)Now in the room you are the boss. Foreplay is essential in beginning, smooching, getting off your clothes, cuddling, rubbing your legs against her and so on... 
10)No need to tell you further. Enjoy and have most enjoyable and satisfying time.. 
Here I want to quote one thing, never force a girl, if she is not ready then there is always next time. Mutual consent is important for ultimate satisfaction.
girlfriend/boyfriend,relationship,sex, rules
How to get your girlfriend in mood?

Sex life after kids ? How to maintain a happy sex life after kids

New parents or parents of toddlers are always wondering how to get close as most of the time in day and night their kids keep them occupied. You find yourself tired most of the time hanging with kids and start loosing interest in any other activity and become completely dedicated to you children leading to frustration.
If you have two kids, the situation can even be worse but it is you who has to get out of this situation or manage situation to be close to your partner as everything is essential to be happy and satisfied. your body has some needs, they also should be taken care of.
marriage, sex, patipatni, relationship
Sex life after kids ? How to maintain a happy sex life after kids

Here are some ways or points which may help as guide to happy sex life after kids.
1) Never stop communicating to each other. Whenever you get private time tell about the challenges you are facing to cope up with the sex life with your partner. Also be frank and open to share your needs and desire with each other. This communication will help you get a solution for the concern and as I say it is you who will find the solution. Nobody from outside will come and help you. Also, having sex desires after kids is common , so never feel shy that how come you have desires after kid. You are still the same person as you were before having kids. always have that in mind.
2)Don't make your household chores priority over your personal life.The more you will get over the sickness to keep house tidy as it used to be when there were no kids, the more relaxed you will feel. Believe that kids will make noise and untidy things. Tidy up things only once a day or when it is required urgently. This will relieve half of your tension and you will feel relaxed.
3)Change the time of when you get close. Perhaps early morning time or when kids are fast asleep you can wake up for each other and spend that quality time together. This will make you feel fresh and energetic too to handle the kids.
4)Before having kids, having those intense moments was a event which used to last for hours. Full preparation was needed. Now you hardly need 10 minutes and you both are familiar with what your partner likes and how one gets aroused so it is quite simple now.
5)Your care for your body is not over your mind every time. Before kids, you always have fixed routine for beauty sessions, now you don't that much care about your looks. Think in this direction you will find your world easy.
marriage, sex, patipatni, relationship
Sex life after kids ? How to maintain a happy sex life after kids

6)The bottom line is be positive. If you think this is your priority, you will make ways by yourself.
Enjoy the life... Live the life!!!
Love life.. Live life!!!

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Ways to keep your married life right on track:A must read for wife

As the journey of life starts after marriage, everything is glamorous. You are always on mind of your husband. Romance, sex, dating and those moments are always on. As life goes on, it starts becoming a routine and other things like work, home, kids start becoming priority as you find yourself more occupied with them all the time.
Now your expectations from your husband start increasing. You want him to help you in everything and if he refuse, you start thinking that he dont care for you any more. Am I talking sense?? Think over it.
love, patipatni,relationship
Ways to keep your married life right on track:A must read for wife

Generally here starts the period of nagging of your husband and you start to get into cycle where you find everything bad in him. I know it is you who has given priority to home than your professional life. You might have started working from home or even quit the job for sake of your family or kids. If you were home maker you might have found yourself occupied in these chore most of time and may find hard to get personal time.
But what is your husband fault in this. This is life and it goes that way. Nagging or criticizing is not the solution. This will make things worse and you will find life is not good to live i.e. depression will peep in leading to health issues  mental tension and that will ruin your life and people around you. Think over it...
I know you don't have control over your frustration but you and your husband are the only ones who have solution for this. For finding out solution and having happy life here I suggest some solutions..
1)Communication is the key for all circumstances. The more you will talk to your partner rather than thinking things inside and nagging him, criticizing him, things will get better. Tell him that you are tired and think of reducing workload or managing things the way they can be.
2) Try encouraging and telling him that you feel good if he helps whenever possible for him.
3)Always have in your mind that he is also human and his physical energy has also limitations like yours. 
love, patipatni,relationship
Ways to keep your married life right on track:A must read for wife

4) Change a bit of your psychology and don't keep tidyness of house or household chores on your priority list. Keep your relationship on priority. This little change in mind will do wonders.
5)Encourage your husband to steal those personal time and tell him you love spending some quality time with him. This will motivate him and your relationship will be better.
Don't make life dull and have positive state of mind as life is a journey and all phases have their importance. But try to have some personal intimate time with your partner that will help you both to trigger up and that energy will help you to cope with all phases of life.
Love life... Live life!!!

Sex life and pregnancy

Life may totally change before your wife is pregnant, during pregnancy and after pregnancy.You and your wife might feel the satisfaction once your wife is  pregnant but you should be ready with the life which will be following the time now as it will not be same. You need to accept the fact that your wife has a baby inside her so there will be emotional,physical changes in her and mood swings will be more often.
Pregnancy can be the most lovable phase of your life if you love it , live it. Believe me, I am not joking..
If you keep following points in mind, this phase will be blessing in all respect
1) Don't cut away your sexual desires during pregnancy thinking that it might hurt the baby, this is only a myth , sex never hurts the baby. But remember that do take precautions if doctor suggests so.
2)During pregnancy dont hide your feelings, communicate with your partner about your desires,needs etc. Hiding your feelings can adversely effect both of you and cause gloominess in life.
3) Try the positions which you find comfortable with the baby bump. It is phase to experiment with different positions as missionary position might be bit tough.
4) Mood swings may be common for pregnant lady so try to understand her feeling and she should support her husband and help him masturbate.
sex, pregnancy
Sex life and pregnancy 

5) Sex toys , vibrators, oral sex, mutual masturbation can be helpful if you find having sex later during pregnancy tough. It was provide you with same pleasure as you get from penetration.
6) Her leaking breasts may be bit annoying but one need to understand that you are through a blessed phase. On the other hand, you can be more closer to each other as no protection is required. So this is plus point.
7) The more you both will keep yourself happy and satisfied, the pregnancy will be healthy.
So enjoy this phase of life too. It is blessed phase to fullest.
Love life life!!!

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Things girls must know before their first night, Suhaagraat

Every girl has a dream about her Suhaagraat(first night). The day she gets engaged, the feeling which is at back of her mind is how will she get that close to her partner, how will be that moment, how will first sex experience be like. These feelings are that intense that excitement starts rising and the romantic talks and meetings during courtship phase make it all happen.
There are certain points to remember before you actually are ready for first night(Suhaagraat)
1) You must be familiar with the fact that if you might have slight bleeding after having sex(if you have deep penetration) because of hymen breaking. But don't be surprised because this hymen may be broken before also because of some hard physical exercise etc. This is natural process and does not cause pain. So don't have tension
2) Being nervous is obvious but you should try to overcome this nervousness as this is also important part of life and your body wants it. So prepare yourself for it with positive mind. Believe me it is exciting and you will feel satisfied and relieved after that. 
first night, sex, suhaagraat ,love
Things girls must know before their first night, Suhaagraat

3) It is not that only boys can initiate, you can also take some initiative. This will help your partner to make the mood easily set. If you cannot initiate at least try to provide platform or opportunity to your partner to initiate by not over reacting.
4)The more you will get involved more will be the satisfaction and you both will enjoy it. So participate as much as possible.
5)Generally groom give gift to bride but you can also give some personalised gift to your husband, this will make things exciting and your feelings will be conveyed too
6)Be sure you have cleaned your private part. Because cleaning is also important for adding excitement.
7)Be sure that you are not very tired or exhausted. Being tired or exhausted can make things look bad but believe me it is exciting and satisfying feeling. If you are physically tired convey this message to your partner too.
8)This day is a day when two souls become one. Body will be one if souls are one. So keep that in mind and try to be as open as you can.There is no compulsion to have sex on this very day, so if you want time communicate that too. Your partner will definitely understand.
9) If you have some past, forget it. Keep your mind clean and fresh and take things as new and lifelong phase of life. Love these moments as they make the foundation for rest of your life.
10)Plan to have sexy outfit ready to wear for you. If you get chance and your partner wants it, wear it and try to overcome your shyness.
Love life... Live life!!!

Let's talk about love bite

First of all let us know what love bite is. Love bite or hickey is a red/crimson mark on skin of your partner which appears because you suck, kiss or gently bite your partner during those intense moments.
When you love someone so much that you can't resist , you generally say i will eat you. Eating your partner because of your feeling of love for her makes a love mark or love bite.
Love bite shows that you were in that phase of love making where you lost control over yourself and your partner was complimenting you too. Believe me love mark donot cause pain. Infact it give slight pain which may be referred to as soft pain and this gives triggers to love making bringing your partner even more close to you.
Wildness or being naughty in love making is always a plus point for ultimate satisfaction. This may be achieved if you get away with your shyness and you want to live those close intimate moments.
Here are some tips for reaching that moment that you lost control over yourself and give love bite to your loved one.. 
foreplay, love, relationship, sex
Let's talk about love bite

1) Starting the love play by being naughty sets a platform.You may tie a cloth over her eyes and hold her hands tightly and kiss, lick her allover. Believe me she will become crazy and get naughty too.
2)Love making games, rubbing ice on body of your partner can even ignite the lovemaking and you may start loosing your control.
3)  Soft romantic music and foreplay are essential before you get to that level that you give love bite.
4) When you find yourself to that level that you both have lost control over yourself and want the ultimate closeness, play with each other's private parts. I tell u this will make the feelings that intense that you will feel to get one without waiting further.
5)Now its the perfect time for giving love bite. She wants to be eaten by you now. So bite her gently either by sucking her hard or slightly with your teeth. This soft pain will be irresistible. Love bite can be given on neck, breast behind ears, on thighs as these are most sensitive parts of her body.
6)No need to tell what will happen now as you might be one already and I am sure you might have reached that level of satisfaction which gives that so called ultimate feeling.
foreplay, love, relationship, sex
Let's talk about love bite

Enjoy being wild.. Give her a love bite!!!!
Love life.. Live life!!!

Is your relationship happy and strong:Remember the following tips

Healthy and happy relationship requires a little effort from both sides. It is not immediate, you have to give time and effort to make it strong and to develop bonding between the two. Bonding grows strong and understanding between two emerges if you remember the following points always in mind..
Point 1:Always be open for communication: Communication plays vital role in any relationship whether it is husband wife, girlfriend boyfriend. The more you communicate, easier are the things and your closeness will automatically increase. Communication includes both speaking i. e telling and listening. Only speaking is also harmful and only listening and keeping things in mind also ruin relationship.
So communicate your likes, dislikes, needs, anything...
Point 2: Always have respect for each other: Respect doesn't mean here saying namaste or greeting, it means respecting each other feelings and moods. Never be abusive and nor play with others feelings. The more you will pay respect, the stronger will be bond and happy will be life.
Point 3: Spend time together: Spending quality time together is important. Quality time means time in which you watch movie together, go for dates, freely talk, be naughty, walk hand in hand etc.. This time increases inclination of your partner towards you.
love , relationship
Is your relationship happy and strong:Remember the following tips 

Point 4 : Being apart for sometime is also important: Being too close to someone always may prove bad for relationships sometime as you may be taken for granted and your value may decrease. Little separation helps other to realise your importance and brings you even more closer to your loved one
Point 5: Appreciate each other : Everybody has something good which you might admire. Don't hesitate appreciating your partner. It is a trigger for any relationship.
Point 6: Be positive in attitude and ignore all negatives: Nobody or no circumstances are perfect, try to remain positive for everything and seeing the positiveness in everything. Ignore or take negatives lightly, this will boost the relationship to next level.
Point 7:Intimate moments.. I mean sex is very essential:These intimate moments or having sex are important and makes relationships more strong and shows commitment for each other. Spend and live these moments and life will be worth loving..
Point 8: Never make comparisons: Making comparisons among yourself or between your partner or someone can adversely affect your relationship. Remember we all are uniqueness. Fall in love with this uniqueness of your partner. Believe me life will be like heaven.
Love your relationship..Live your relationship!!!

सुहागरात के ख़ास दिन के लिए आप तैयार है - ध्यान रखिए ये बातें

सुहागरात के ख़ास दिन के लिए आप तैयार है - ध्यान रखिए ये बातें

सुहागरात का दिन सभी के जीवन मैं ख़ास होता है और अधिकतर लोग सुहागरात के बारे में सोचकर बहुत घबरा जाते है.  शादी अपने आप में इतना बड़ा आयोजन है जिसमे सब रिश्तेदार, जान्ने वाले , मिलने वाले , रीती रिवाज सभी दूल्हा दुल्हन को सँभालने पड़ते है और उसके बाद ये बहुत ही ख़ास दिन सबके जीवन में आता है. अधिकतर बार इस दिन की तैयारी में दो से दस महीने तक लग जाते है और शादी के ख़ास दिन की तैयारी की जाती है जिसमे पैसा पानी की तरह बहाया जाता है. 

शादी से पहले आजकल लड़के लड़कियां आपस में बहुत  बातें करते है और मिलते भी है. सुहागरत पर बात करना  अभी भी हमारे  देश में अभी भी बहुत मुश्किल है. सेक्स एजुकेशन भी सिर्फ नाम के लिए ही है हमारे देश में. लोग अपने दोस्तों सहलियों से भी खुलकर इस  विषय पर बात नहीं कर पाते, उनके मन में बहुत से प्रश्न होते है.

आप अपने प्रश्न इस ब्लॉग  के कमेंट सेक्शन में पूछ सकते है

ये दिन बहुत ही ख़ास होता है ,इस्को और खास बनाना पति और पत्नी दोनों की बराबर की जिम्मेदारी होती है. हम यहाँ पर कुछ बातें बता रहे है , इन बातों का ध्यान रखें और अपना दिमाग भी लगाएं की कैसे हम इस दिन को ख़ास बना सकते है. अपने सुझाव कमेंट में लिखे या हमें मेल करे .

-  एक दुसरे को जाने  - शादी से पहले एक दूसरे से बातें करें, उनके बारे में जाने। एक दुसरे की पसंद ना पसंद का जानना बहुत जरूरी है। शादी से पहले  प्यार से सम्भंदित किताबें और फिल्म्स की बातें करें, फिल्मो के रोमांटिक गानो ,रोमांटिक दृश्य इत्यादि की बाते करे। इन सब बातों को आप अपने सुहागरात के दिन बातों की शुरुआत करने के लिए  कर सकते हो और आसानी से एक दुसरे से बात कर सकते हो. एक बात का ध्यान बहुत जरूरी  है की शादी से पहले सेक्स की बात डायरेक्टली बिलकुल ना करे , इससे आपस में तनाव हो सकता है.

- पुराना सब भूल जाओ - ये आपके जीवन की नई  शुरुआत है इसमें आप पुराना अगर कुछ है तो उस्सको तुरंत भूल जाओ. अब आपकी शादी हो रही है , आपकी जिम्मेदारी आपके पार्टनर के लिए है, सभी की पार्टनर से बहुत उमीदें होती है और शादी पर दो परिवारों की जिन्दी निर्भर करती है, पुराना सब भूलना आपके और आपके परिवारों के जीवन के लिए बहुत खुशीआं लाएगा.

- एनर्जी बचा कर रखें - शादी बहुत बड़ा आयोजन है , इससमे बहुत काम होते है पर जबरदस्ती अपनी ऊर्जा बर्बाद ना करें, इस्को सुहागरात के लिए बचा के रखें, जबरदस्ती डांस ना करें, घूंमें ना, शराब का सेवन ना करें इत्यादि। सुहागरात जीवन में अधिकतर लोगो के एक बार आती है, इस्की महत्त्व को समझे। 

- खुद को तैयार करें - सुहागरत के लिए खुद को तैयार करें , बॉडी मसाज कराएं फेसिअल कराएं , शरीर  के बाल भी हटवाएं , सुहागरात से पहले एक दो महीने अपने शरीर पर एक्स्ट्रा समय लगाएं। 

- बात की शुरुआत की तैयारी करें - सुहागरात पर बात कैसे शुरू करें ये आपको पूरी तैयारी के साथ सोचना होगा. हिंदुस्तान में और जहाँ भी दुनिया में हिंदी बोली जाती है अधिकतर लोग इस लाइन से शुरू करते है " सुहागरात है घूंघट उठा रहा हूँ मैं " आप भी इससे शुरू कर सकते है, आप और कोई गाना सोच सकते है, आपने शादी से पहले अगर किसी विषय पर बात की है तो उससे शुरू कर सकते है.

- कुछ किताबें पड़ें - सेक्स से सम्भंदित कुछ किताबे जरूर पड़ें, कामसूत्र अगर पड़ सकते है तो वो पड़ें, वैसे तो कामसूत्र में अलग अलग पोसिशन्स के बारे में बताया  गया है पर वो आपको ये समझाती है की सेक्स के लिए आपको कितनी एनर्जी चाहिए और आप क्या क्या सोच सकते है
First night(Suhaagraat):Are you ready for it? 

- एक दुसरे की आँखों में देखे - एक दुसरे की आँखों में खो जाए, किस करें, आँखे गहरा सागर होती है सुहागरात में उनमे डूबना जीवन भर याद रहता है, शादी के कुछ साल बाद यही आँखे डरावनी हो जाती है इससलिए जब तक ना डराएं तब तक उनमे डूबे रहो. शरीर के अलग अलग हिस्सों को किस करें और स्पर्श करे और अपने पार्टनर्स के करीब आने की कोशिश करें.

- धीरे धीरे शुरुआत करें - दुनिया का हर व्यक्ति जब पहली बार सुहागरात में होता है तो घबराया होता है, ऐसा नहीं है ये सिर्फ आपके साथ हो रहा है, इससलिए बिलकुल भी ना घबराएं , जल्दबाजी कुछ ना करें, जरूरी नहीं है सुहागरात पर सेक्स हो, सेक्स के लिए पूरा जीवन है आपके पास. सुहागरात पर  जरूरी है की आप एक दुसरे से खुल जाएं और आगे के लिए तैयार रहे. एक दूसरों को स्पर्श करें , चुम्मा ले, एक दुसरे को गले लगे, नजदीकियां बढ़ाएं और एक दुसरे के आगोश में खो जाएं।
First night(Suhaagraat):Are you ready for it? 
- दोस्तों की सलाह बिलकुल ना मानें - अधिकतर लोग सुहागरात के बारे में अपने खास दोस्तों से चर्चा कर लेते है और वो उनको बहुत सी अजीब गरीब सलाह दे देते है, सुहागरात ऐसा कोई हव्वा नहीं है वो केवल जीवन के एक नए दौर की शुरुआत है. आपको केवल इस नए दौर में ख़ुशी ख़ुशी प्रवेश करना है, सेक्स तो आपके साथ जीवन भर है उसको लेकर बहुत ज्यादा उत्साहित या हतोत्साहित होने की कोई आवश्यकता नहीं है, उसको बिक्लुल सामन्य लेकर चले और किसी भी फ़ालतू की सलाह को ना माने।

कुछ चीजे जो जरूर करें -

- अपने पार्टनर्स के  शरीर के सभी पार्ट्स को छुए
- टाइट से गले लगाएं अपने पार्टनर को
- लिप किस करें बहुत देर तक
- शरीर के अलग अलग हिस्सों पर किस करें
- फालतू की बातें करें, जोक करें और उस पर जोर से हंसे
- एक दुसरे की बहुत तारीफ करें
- रूम की अच्छे से सजावट कराएं
- कुछ गिफ्ट्स दे  एक दुसरे को
- प्रोटेक्शन का प्रयोग करे -  बच्चा जीवन का बहुत बड़ा निर्णय है वो सोच समझ कर ले उसके लिए पति और पत्नी थोड़ा समय ले. शादी के बाद कम से कम एक वर्ष का समय जरूर ले.
First night(Suhaagraat):Are you ready for it? 

आपको अगर कुछ और प्रश्न है तो कमेंट में पूछे मैं आपको जवाब दूँगी. 

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Points to keep in mind while you are dating

When you go out for a date, you are full of excitement and you want to make the day(night to be more precise) memorable. There are some points and precautions that you should always keep in mind while going out.
1)Selection of place: Selection of the place where you gonna go for date is most important. You always have fear of being seen by your knowns so select a place away from crowd. Secondly if the place does not have more people, you can easily hang around and enjoy with your loved one.
2)Grooming and dressing up is important: Proper grooming up is important and how you dress also plays important role. Don't dress up too formally but being too casual is also not required. Wear jeans and decent t-shirt. Don't get funky.
3)Plan candle light dinner with soft romantic music:Candle light dinner with your loved one can be exotic and believe me females love romantic soft music. Combination of exotic food and music can be very erotic and you both will get carried away.
dating,sex, love, relationship
Points to keep in mind while you are dating

4)Dance together if possible: Dancing together helps in coming close and your touch on her hand, shoulder can excite her. Go for slow dancing and look in her eyes as much as possible.
5)Praise her: Appreciate the dress she is wearing. If your girl like flirting, don't hesitate flirting too. Girls are naughty and likes if there man gets naughty
6)Make arrangement of wine or drink of her choice: You can offer her a drink but don't force if she refuses. Let her do whatever she wants.

7)Bring a gift for her if possible: Girls like gifts and if the gifts are personalised it adds cherry to cake. Personalised gifts are better than expensive gifts.
8)Give a soft kiss on her forehead holding her hands to start with:Dont be in hurry for what is behind your mind(you know what I mean to say.. Sex) Give time to get mood to be set.
9)Gradually let the mood get set but never force: Gradually and slowly if you find your girl is showing interest try to come close. I tell you never force her. Forcing can make end of relationship. If she refuses there will be next time soon. Remember this Funda.
dating, sex, love, relationship
Points to keep in mind while you are dating

10) Decide the room in advance and have precautions ready with you: If the mood is set of both of the you place should be previously been thought of and have  precautions ready with you so that you can have safe sex.
Enjoy dating... Love life.. Live life!!!

First night(Suhaagraat):Are you ready for it?

Suhaagraat is the day which is filled with number of emotions, nervousness and feelings after romantic courtship phase, hectic rituals, marriage ceremony, attending guests etc.
You might have spend good time during your courtship phase by talking on phone, chatting, sending messages, dating etc but first night is a day on which everyone is nervous.We all know sex education is not common in our country but we must be aware of certain facts before this special night.
Here are the tips which one must go through before that very special day of life
1. Make sure you know about your partner :Familiarity and knowing about your partner will make you easy to get into your first night. So it is essential to know about your partners likes dislikes etc. Try reading some romantic book together followed by discussion on it without getting into sexual talks during your courtship time to know each other. This will make your first night exciting as you can start with discussion.
2. This is new start of your life so feel fresh physically and mentally : If you have some past, girlfriend/boyfriend, breakups, relationship etc, prepare yourself above all that. Forget it and be as fresh like a bud.
3.Groom yourself as looks matter: In hectic schedule don't forget gromming yourself. Even get a good body massage and facial and all so that you look shining and attractive. Also cleaning private parts is also necessary.
4. Have ample of energy : Don't get exhausted before this big task. Try taking ample rest before getting close otherwise fatiqueness can make things worse. If you are really tired, don't try to have sex, kiss, hug, cuddle, communicate and sleep without clothes hugging each other and come close in morning or later.
First night(Suhaagraat):Are you ready for it? 

5. Prepare yourself to initiate the conversation:Conversation is essential before getting close so be ready to initiate. Dirty jokes, being naughty is always appreciated by girls so don't be short of words. These words of yours will arouse your partner.
6. Read good content on sex (kamasutra) to have ample knowledge : Before going on big day you should be aware of all about it. Try reading quality content on same. Avoid porn sites for gaining knowledge.
7. Don't feel nervous in making scenerio sensual: Try touching, rubbing, kissing each other to arouse your partner desire to have sex. You have to take a lead so that your partner overcomes her shyness easily.
8.Try looking into her eyes: Looking on eyes while speaking can do magic. Eyes never lie and always let you know when she is ready.
9. Seek advice from your friends: You can ask your experienced  friends to share about their day. This knowledge on back of your mind can help you a lot.
First night(Suhaagraat):Are you ready for it? 

10. Try to create the scene before wedding night: Try being romantic before the big day by not missing any chance to touch her on her shoulders, hands by coming bit close to her(obviously not on private parts). This will make your task easier on the big day as feeling will be ignited from before only.
11. Be silly, get into silly conversation, laugh: To get close best Funda is being silly as laughter can bring closeness very easily. So crack silly jokes. Do bit of silly things.
12. Hug her tighter than ever before, kiss her hard:This will surely show the signs what you want and arouse her feelings too and she will mentally be prepared.
13. Don't forget to give compliments: Giving compliments to your spouse about her bridal dress, looks, hair can arouse her. Every girl likes to be praised.
14. Be ready with gifts for each other:  Exchanging gifts can motivate each other. Apart from traditional mangalsutra for girls, you can opt for some funny ones as well. That will be a surprise and lead to excitement.
15. Be ready with some sensual game too: If nothing else is working or if you want it to be different playing sensual games can set the stage on fire.
16. Be ready with precaution if you want to use(condom or whatever) : Be prepared with the arrangements if you come close. It should be placed at place which is easily approachable and does not cause delay.
17. Have some romantic music, videos downloaded in your mobile: You should be ready with ample stuff which can motivate each other depending on your partner's choices.
18. Get your room decorated: Room decorated with rose petals spreads fragrance and romantic vibes which makes everything happen without much effort.
First night(Suhaagraat):Are you ready for it? 

I think you are ready now for your big day. These small tips will let you have most pleasurable time with your partner.
Enjoy it.. Live every moment of it...
Love life.. Live life!!!!
For more discussion, please leave comment.. I will get back to you. You can also drop mail on

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