8 tips that will drive your spouse crazy on bed

If your partner gets crazy on bed, imagine how exciting and satisfying those moments can be. Intercourse can be done at any time but satisfying Intercourse has all together different meaning to all of us.
Let me share some tips that will drive your spouse crazy and then imagine what fun can be to fuck a naughty cat... 

Tip 1: Touch her all over her body, tickle her: Move your fingers all over her body especially on her thighs, her belly button, behind her ears, on her lips... Believe me she will start getting crazy and will try to respond touching your part.
Tip 2: Kiss her all over: Kiss her everywhere starting from forehead, her eyes, nose tip, tight passionate long kiss on her lips, behind her ears, on her neck, her breasts, her belly button, her part, thighs, toes everywhere. She will get crazy and might kiss you too all over including your part. Initiate and try to make her as crazy as you can.
Kisses have magic.. Believe me..
Tip 3 :Nuzzle her: You may use your tongue, fingers or whatever.. This will definitely gonna make her scream like cat..
Tip 4:Do dirty naughty talking :Dirty bindass talking in Hindi or English can drive your spouse crazy. Men love using those words, women loves listening and if she gets over her shyness she might respond too. This can be like adding cherry to cake. Describe what you are doing and try kissing in between to increase the intensity
Tip5: Caress her thighs : Touch on thighs arouses women and make her wet. Roll your fingers on thighs, tickle it and even kiss there..
Tip 6:Give a gentle massage or rub her:Massaging or rubbing leads to intense touch and generation of heat leading to increase in desire to have sex.
Tip7: Play with her breasts: Playing with nipples and breasts of your cat can make her wild to the level even you cannot imagine. Kiss her on breasts as they are very sensitive, lick them, squeeze them and see the magic..
Tip 8: Take your and your spouses clothes off: Foreplaying and taking off the clothes can add you both to fire. These intense moves can change set stage on fire.
Love life...live life!!!

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