First love of life..

First love is the most amazing feeling of life. It is feeling which is very hard to describe in words. When one meet someone whom he is infatuated to and his feelings become intense for her and he cannot even think of leaving her, it is love of life.
If one is in first love his emotions are on cloud nine and he is flying like a bird.
First love is most innocent and pious feeling of life and it is the phase which can never be repeated.
1. It is the first time in your life that you are that close to someone: First love is that time in life when you are intimate to someone, you have special feelings for someone, you cuddle, you kiss someone for first time.
2. It is at age when you generally are free from responsibilities: Generally first love is at an age where you are carefree, free from any pressure of earning or family. At this age you can spend hours with your loved one.
3. It is most pious feeling: First love is the pious feeling as you have never seen the consequences of break up till now. For you every word by your loved one is as pure and you innocently believe everything
4. You start feeling more secure after meeting your first love: After you are in a relationship, your inner insecurities go off and you have firm and stronger belief in yourself that I can do everything in life.
5. Your future goals and dreams start linking to it:Once you find your love you start linking all your future hopes, plans and life around your loved one as she is most important to you now.
6. Last but not least You experience kissing, holding hand, cuddling, sweet whispering, hugging, walking hand in hand to opposite sex for the first time so that feeling is different, intense and special.
Amazing is the feeling of first love.. Its really special and it can never be forgotton. 

So... Love life... Live life!!!
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