First night(Suhaagraat):Are you ready for it?

Suhaagraat is the day which is filled with number of emotions, nervousness and feelings after romantic courtship phase, hectic rituals, marriage ceremony, attending guests etc.
You might have spend good time during your courtship phase by talking on phone, chatting, sending messages, dating etc but first night is a day on which everyone is nervous.We all know sex education is not common in our country but we must be aware of certain facts before this special night.
Here are the tips which one must go through before that very special day of life
1. Make sure you know about your partner :Familiarity and knowing about your partner will make you easy to get into your first night. So it is essential to know about your partners likes dislikes etc. Try reading some romantic book together followed by discussion on it without getting into sexual talks during your courtship time to know each other. This will make your first night exciting as you can start with discussion.
2. This is new start of your life so feel fresh physically and mentally : If you have some past, girlfriend/boyfriend, breakups, relationship etc, prepare yourself above all that. Forget it and be as fresh like a bud.
3.Groom yourself as looks matter: In hectic schedule don't forget gromming yourself. Even get a good body massage and facial and all so that you look shining and attractive. Also cleaning private parts is also necessary.
4. Have ample of energy : Don't get exhausted before this big task. Try taking ample rest before getting close otherwise fatiqueness can make things worse. If you are really tired, don't try to have sex, kiss, hug, cuddle, communicate and sleep without clothes hugging each other and come close in morning or later.
First night(Suhaagraat):Are you ready for it? 

5. Prepare yourself to initiate the conversation:Conversation is essential before getting close so be ready to initiate. Dirty jokes, being naughty is always appreciated by girls so don't be short of words. These words of yours will arouse your partner.
6. Read good content on sex (kamasutra) to have ample knowledge : Before going on big day you should be aware of all about it. Try reading quality content on same. Avoid porn sites for gaining knowledge.
7. Don't feel nervous in making scenerio sensual: Try touching, rubbing, kissing each other to arouse your partner desire to have sex. You have to take a lead so that your partner overcomes her shyness easily.
8.Try looking into her eyes: Looking on eyes while speaking can do magic. Eyes never lie and always let you know when she is ready.
9. Seek advice from your friends: You can ask your experienced  friends to share about their day. This knowledge on back of your mind can help you a lot.
First night(Suhaagraat):Are you ready for it? 

10. Try to create the scene before wedding night: Try being romantic before the big day by not missing any chance to touch her on her shoulders, hands by coming bit close to her(obviously not on private parts). This will make your task easier on the big day as feeling will be ignited from before only.
11. Be silly, get into silly conversation, laugh: To get close best Funda is being silly as laughter can bring closeness very easily. So crack silly jokes. Do bit of silly things.
12. Hug her tighter than ever before, kiss her hard:This will surely show the signs what you want and arouse her feelings too and she will mentally be prepared.
13. Don't forget to give compliments: Giving compliments to your spouse about her bridal dress, looks, hair can arouse her. Every girl likes to be praised.
14. Be ready with gifts for each other:  Exchanging gifts can motivate each other. Apart from traditional mangalsutra for girls, you can opt for some funny ones as well. That will be a surprise and lead to excitement.
15. Be ready with some sensual game too: If nothing else is working or if you want it to be different playing sensual games can set the stage on fire.
16. Be ready with precaution if you want to use(condom or whatever) : Be prepared with the arrangements if you come close. It should be placed at place which is easily approachable and does not cause delay.
17. Have some romantic music, videos downloaded in your mobile: You should be ready with ample stuff which can motivate each other depending on your partner's choices.
18. Get your room decorated: Room decorated with rose petals spreads fragrance and romantic vibes which makes everything happen without much effort.
First night(Suhaagraat):Are you ready for it? 

I think you are ready now for your big day. These small tips will let you have most pleasurable time with your partner.
Enjoy it.. Live every moment of it...
Love life.. Live life!!!!
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