How important is dating after 7 years of marriage

Life becomes a routine as time pass by. Regular household chores, taking care of kids, office and home becomes priority and we generally don't have time for each other. This leads to frustration and stress in relationships.
We all want to hang around with each other and spend time hand in hand with our partner. It is internal desire whether we accept it or not. Dating can play a major role here. We need to take out time for each other. 
It is not necessary going out for dating is important, basically important is to be together hand in hand, hugging, kissing , cuddling. Dating relieves stress and lays foundation for happy life. Never feel you are old, what kids will say? Leave all these worries as you are mature enough to handle it.
Try to feel young as you are young. Try to live life like at courtship time or at time just after marriage.
Go for a walk, long drive, listen to romantic music, read romantic books , watch romantic movies, go for outing and date with your spouse. Look in each other eyes, sing for each other, dance together,
hug, kiss, cuddle, foreplay and have sex , seriously speaking this will do wonders to your life.
Take out time at least once in a month or every fortnight and try to live your life.
Date with your spouse and do lots and lots of pampering.....Then see the magic 
Love life ...Live life !!!
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