How important is getting married in life?

We all have heard about a famous saying shaadi ka ladoo:jo khaye wo pachtaaye jo na khaye wo bhi pachtaaye.. This saying is true in a sense that there are hundred of challenges one faces after getting married whether it is from point of view of girl or boy. Challenges are faced by both. Boys generally loose their freedom, have to maintain disciplined life and have to maintain balance between friends, family and wife which is typical of all. Financially also challenges are there if partner is not working. Above all, developing understanding or similar thought process is the biggest challenge as now you cannot take decision yourself.
On the other hand girls face another type of challenge  i.e. maintaining work home balance if working and if a home maker she has a new family to cope with.
Emotional, social, physical and financial Challenges are for both boys and girls if they get married but have you imagine a life without marriage.
Everything seems good till age of 30 but once you are 30+ you start feeling lonely.Mostly your friends and cousins have got married. In social gattering, you find yourself alone.
Emotionally, You need someone to share your feelings as age increases and also you want someone to take care of you and someone whom you can take care of as everyone else is busy with their spouses whether they are your parents or friends.
Financially also you are earning good by now and basic needs are no more challenge for you now. You might be living luxurious life. You might be going out for tours, here you need someone with whom you can spend your free time, go for walk, talk for hours etc
To be precise, at an age you are isolated and you need someone to fill that isolation in all dimensions whether physically or emotionally.
I agree there will be challenges but why to be afraid of challenges.. Accept them. Be mature in your thought process and shaadi ka ladoo jaldi se khayo aur enjoy karo.... 

So getting married is essential but the point which is most essential is how to get good life partner???
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Love Life.. Live life..


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