How important is having sex in married life?

Both men and women have sexual desires. But due to circumstances which may be kids, work pressure, distances, shifts, fatique..they try to ignore it and donot give priority to it.
But sex is like flower which adds fragrance to relationship. Both men and women inspite of their hectic life should take out time for each other and respect each other's desires.
One should not make sex a routine or monotonous job but you should enjoy it, Live it, cherish it for a happy stressfree relation. Foreplay is equally important.
Take out time for each other. Go for dates, have candle light dinner, dance together, sing together, play with each other and also have will have a healthy life which is essential in this fast world.

Sex medically also relieves stress and burn calories and keep you young so is essential.
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Love life.. Live life!!!

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