Importance of foreplay during intense moments

Sexual desires of man are higher than woman and generally man feel satisfied in having intercourse. Women also have internal desires for sex and intercourse but they need to get a boost.
Women love spending some intimate moments with the spouse before having intercourse to have higher level of satisfaction.
Foreplay plays unique role over here as it arouses the feeling to have intercourse and give ultimate satisfaction. Man should play with their girl by kissing her, playing with her body, hugging her, cuddling, smooching, love bites etc.
This will arouse their partner and even man will get higher level of satisfaction if they get into intercourse with aroused partner.

She will be naughty, she will play with your  parts if aroused leading to ultimate satisfaction
So always try to live the moment whether it is having sex or anything. Enjoy foreplay and ultimately it will lead to higher level of satisfaction for you both.
Trust me.. Try it❤️
You will find wonders...I tell you Girls are very naughty from inside.. You need to arouse them and help them get over their shyness.
Love life... Live life!!!

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