Is suhagraat that day?

Desires to get one and anxiety levels are high on that day. Man is bit nervous but he wants to show his power and get it done. But generally woman are nervous and have lot of things running in mind on that special day called suhagrat.(I am talking about man and woman who are virgins hehe)
Suhagrat should be the day which man and woman should get close, try to get over their shyness and develop  bonding for lifetime by cuddling, kissing, hugging and may be intercourse but doing sex should not be a binding.
She is your wife for lifetime, so forcing her for sex may develop more nervousness and ultimately a fear in her mind. And forced sex is not satisfying and enjoyable.
So try to live every moment of your suhagrat cracking jokes, remembering the intimate moments during courtship, caring, kissing and gradually come close.
I tell u if you give ample time to get that close to her, the love between both of you will be very strong. And sex will definitely be better.
You should share your feeling about each other, your likings and disliking, praising each other, pampering. These activities will help you building bond for lifetime. 

Live your suhagrat.. It is day to become one soul, physically you can become one anyday (that day or any other day) that should not be the goal.
Love life... Live life!!!

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