Is your relationship happy and strong:Remember the following tips

Healthy and happy relationship requires a little effort from both sides. It is not immediate, you have to give time and effort to make it strong and to develop bonding between the two. Bonding grows strong and understanding between two emerges if you remember the following points always in mind..
Point 1:Always be open for communication: Communication plays vital role in any relationship whether it is husband wife, girlfriend boyfriend. The more you communicate, easier are the things and your closeness will automatically increase. Communication includes both speaking i. e telling and listening. Only speaking is also harmful and only listening and keeping things in mind also ruin relationship.
So communicate your likes, dislikes, needs, anything...
Point 2: Always have respect for each other: Respect doesn't mean here saying namaste or greeting, it means respecting each other feelings and moods. Never be abusive and nor play with others feelings. The more you will pay respect, the stronger will be bond and happy will be life.
Point 3: Spend time together: Spending quality time together is important. Quality time means time in which you watch movie together, go for dates, freely talk, be naughty, walk hand in hand etc.. This time increases inclination of your partner towards you.
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Is your relationship happy and strong:Remember the following tips 

Point 4 : Being apart for sometime is also important: Being too close to someone always may prove bad for relationships sometime as you may be taken for granted and your value may decrease. Little separation helps other to realise your importance and brings you even more closer to your loved one
Point 5: Appreciate each other : Everybody has something good which you might admire. Don't hesitate appreciating your partner. It is a trigger for any relationship.
Point 6: Be positive in attitude and ignore all negatives: Nobody or no circumstances are perfect, try to remain positive for everything and seeing the positiveness in everything. Ignore or take negatives lightly, this will boost the relationship to next level.
Point 7:Intimate moments.. I mean sex is very essential:These intimate moments or having sex are important and makes relationships more strong and shows commitment for each other. Spend and live these moments and life will be worth loving..
Point 8: Never make comparisons: Making comparisons among yourself or between your partner or someone can adversely affect your relationship. Remember we all are uniqueness. Fall in love with this uniqueness of your partner. Believe me life will be like heaven.
Love your relationship..Live your relationship!!!

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