Keeping karwa chauth fast: Do age of husband is linked with it?

Keeping fast of karwa chauth is a tradition followed in Hindu society. It is a day when married women dress up like like bride and fast whole day for the long life of husband and in evening eat food after praying to moon.
Question arises how essential is to keep fast. If we keep the tradition and ritual apart, we know it is not essential and neither husband's life is linked to it.
So the next question is why should we fast then, I simply put here life is all about happiness and care for each other. If this ritual bring happiness to your life and you make your husband feel special and show him that you care for him, then why not keep it.
This happiness will definitely boost up your relationship and you both will live long healthy life. Isn't it???

Also, it is a day you dress up, feel special and remember the early days of how you used to dress if your marriage is long time now. So enjoy the importance of day and live the day...
Love life... Live life!!!

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