Let's talk about love bite

First of all let us know what love bite is. Love bite or hickey is a red/crimson mark on skin of your partner which appears because you suck, kiss or gently bite your partner during those intense moments.
When you love someone so much that you can't resist , you generally say i will eat you. Eating your partner because of your feeling of love for her makes a love mark or love bite.
Love bite shows that you were in that phase of love making where you lost control over yourself and your partner was complimenting you too. Believe me love mark donot cause pain. Infact it give slight pain which may be referred to as soft pain and this gives triggers to love making bringing your partner even more close to you.
Wildness or being naughty in love making is always a plus point for ultimate satisfaction. This may be achieved if you get away with your shyness and you want to live those close intimate moments.
Here are some tips for reaching that moment that you lost control over yourself and give love bite to your loved one.. 
foreplay, love, relationship, sex
Let's talk about love bite

1) Starting the love play by being naughty sets a platform.You may tie a cloth over her eyes and hold her hands tightly and kiss, lick her allover. Believe me she will become crazy and get naughty too.
2)Love making games, rubbing ice on body of your partner can even ignite the lovemaking and you may start loosing your control.
3)  Soft romantic music and foreplay are essential before you get to that level that you give love bite.
4) When you find yourself to that level that you both have lost control over yourself and want the ultimate closeness, play with each other's private parts. I tell u this will make the feelings that intense that you will feel to get one without waiting further.
5)Now its the perfect time for giving love bite. She wants to be eaten by you now. So bite her gently either by sucking her hard or slightly with your teeth. This soft pain will be irresistible. Love bite can be given on neck, breast behind ears, on thighs as these are most sensitive parts of her body.
6)No need to tell what will happen now as you might be one already and I am sure you might have reached that level of satisfaction which gives that so called ultimate feeling.
foreplay, love, relationship, sex
Let's talk about love bite

Enjoy being wild.. Give her a love bite!!!!
Love life.. Live life!!!


  1. This is really nice article and it will help to enhance our sec lives. Can u also explain that if my wife do not like love byte what to do..

  2. nice question..if you both are completely lost in each other during foreplay, she will definitely like it...Girls generally refuse love bite because of its visibility so give a love bite on areas that are not publicly visible as sometimes it becomes embarrassing for girls to face public and their comments.
    Also, be open to talk to her, if she seriously dont like it then avoid it. Its all about each other's happiness.


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