Periods:Role of man during those days

Menstruation is the 4-5 days cycle in women every month scenerio when she finds not that comfortable as she is on rest of the days. She may have cramps, low abdomen pain, back pain and frequent mood swings. It is exhaustic time for women because of harmonal changes inside her body.Husband have very important role to play during that time. 
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Periods:Role of man during those days

1.If husband understands that his wife is not comfortable in those days and try to talk to her, get close to her emotionally, try to listen to her and be as close as you can to her without being physically close will make her feel comfortable. It is your love and care which she will cherish and forget about her crankyness.
2.Hug her, take her for a drive, kiss her and walk with her hand in hand at the time she is feeling low. Believe me she will feel on top of world and forget all uneasyness and your relationship will be on next level.
3.Please keep away your sexual desires that time and don't try to get physically close to her. She will appreciate this gesture of yours.
4.If she is feeling very low because of this, talk to her all that what she wants to listen. Three magical words I love you can also do the magic and she will feel better.
Your little care and love will help her cope with any of circumstances. It is you what she needs all the time.
Enjoy your life and showing bit of concern for each other can do magic.
Love life... Live life!!!

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