Points to keep in mind while you are dating

When you go out for a date, you are full of excitement and you want to make the day(night to be more precise) memorable. There are some points and precautions that you should always keep in mind while going out.
1)Selection of place: Selection of the place where you gonna go for date is most important. You always have fear of being seen by your knowns so select a place away from crowd. Secondly if the place does not have more people, you can easily hang around and enjoy with your loved one.
2)Grooming and dressing up is important: Proper grooming up is important and how you dress also plays important role. Don't dress up too formally but being too casual is also not required. Wear jeans and decent t-shirt. Don't get funky.
3)Plan candle light dinner with soft romantic music:Candle light dinner with your loved one can be exotic and believe me females love romantic soft music. Combination of exotic food and music can be very erotic and you both will get carried away.
dating,sex, love, relationship
Points to keep in mind while you are dating

4)Dance together if possible: Dancing together helps in coming close and your touch on her hand, shoulder can excite her. Go for slow dancing and look in her eyes as much as possible.
5)Praise her: Appreciate the dress she is wearing. If your girl like flirting, don't hesitate flirting too. Girls are naughty and likes if there man gets naughty
6)Make arrangement of wine or drink of her choice: You can offer her a drink but don't force if she refuses. Let her do whatever she wants.

7)Bring a gift for her if possible: Girls like gifts and if the gifts are personalised it adds cherry to cake. Personalised gifts are better than expensive gifts.
8)Give a soft kiss on her forehead holding her hands to start with:Dont be in hurry for what is behind your mind(you know what I mean to say.. Sex) Give time to get mood to be set.
9)Gradually let the mood get set but never force: Gradually and slowly if you find your girl is showing interest try to come close. I tell you never force her. Forcing can make end of relationship. If she refuses there will be next time soon. Remember this Funda.
dating, sex, love, relationship
Points to keep in mind while you are dating

10) Decide the room in advance and have precautions ready with you: If the mood is set of both of the you place should be previously been thought of and have  precautions ready with you so that you can have safe sex.
Enjoy dating... Love life.. Live life!!!

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