Sexual desires:Men V/s Women

If we talk about the intensity of sexual desire in man as compared to woman, there lies huge difference between two.
Here I want to quote that sexual desire keep varying with age, time, work pressure and responsibilities one has.
1. But if we speak in general, sexual desires in man are more than that in woman. Woman desires are hidden and she generally cover a curtain upon them in name of shyness.
2. Man has high level of daily sexual desire and masturbate to satisfy them. Woman on daily basis don't have desire to have sex but if aroused her desire to have sex is intense than that of man and she is unstoppable then.
3. Woman are more emotional creature as compared to man and prefer romance over sex. Man loves sex above everything.
4. Woman loves foreplaying, kissing, hugging, cuddling and ultimately having sex. She wants to gradually grow up the feeling and then go for sex. On the other hand man loves to have sex more than any other activity. He is satisfied if he had sex whether foreplay, kissing etc preludes it or not.
5. Woman loves spending time with the partner before having sex and sex is not always on their mind if they are close to their partner. Generally, man have sex on their mind from very beginning of they are in romantic mood.
6. Man enjoy watching porn sites and sex whereas woman prefer romantic content.
7. Woman love the soft intense moments and man enjoy the show of their power.
Whatever the sexual desire are there in man or woman, ultimately they both aim getting higher level of satisfaction so they must respect each others desires and try to fulfill their partners need of body. Try spending quality time with each other and have long sex experience for ultimate satisfaction. Open up with your partner and tell about your desires and your likes so that the other one can take care of them. Don't be shy.. The more you open up, the more satisfaction you will get.
So.. Enjoy having sex!!!

Love life... Live life!!!
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