Understand your spouse feeling and then react

There is one famous saying that if there are utensils , there will be sound. That holds true in a relationship also. Relationship is about two people of different background, thought process, culture, bringing up. So there are chances of opinion clashes between the two leading to hot arguments.
Here I want to say that in a relationship, the way to be happy is to react only after understanding the feelings of your spouse and respecting those feelings.
We all have our own point of view and if we try to understand others point of view than chances of arguments will be less. If reaction comes after understanding the others point, probability to accept or to get accepted will be high and it will finally lead to happy life which we all want.
Little arguments, fights and what we call ladai jhakde are common in relationships but if their intensity is high, it will lead to clashes and ultimately leads to divorce. These clashes or divorces are result of not proper understanding of feelings of each other. If you give proper chance to get real feeling behind communication, clashes will be less. Nobody wants to fight without a reason.Think over it.........

So, respect, understand others feeling before reacting..kehte hai na soch samajh ke bol ;)
Love life ...live Life!!!

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