When should we go ahead and plan to have kids?

When should we go to the next phase of our life and have kids? This is in fact one major question in mind of couples.
Couples after marriage are having rosy rosy time with less responsibilities and more hanging out together. Trips, romantic dinners, intimate moments and being free is what they are enjoying now and they know once they have kid or once wife is pregnant life will not be that free or rosy. Responsibilities will grow and lesser time they will have for each other. So the question at back of mind of each other is when is the right time. Here I try to share certain factors which you should think before planning a child..
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1)Age factor is important in planning a child. Generally these days we find marriages at age around 30 so one must not wait too much before going for a child. But it is important to enjoy those moments of freeness as these moments are golden ones and you will cherish them for life time. These moments will lay foundation of strong bonding between you two.So whatever the age is, don't be in a hurry, at least give 10-12 months to yourself and then plan.
2)The other thing you must always consider is your financial ability. Expenses gonna be more once you conceive and truly speaking we all want best upbringing of our child. So check your financial stability also.
3)Family pressure starts mounting just you get married and people start giving you advice to have kids. Ignore these words of people initially but don't let that pressure mount that much that you think it is a task now because if you will find yourself under too much pressure you won't be able to conceive. Things done under pressure and tension give lesser results than done with pleasure. So be sure you are not too late.
4)Once you find that you have develop good bonding and understanding with your spouse and no decision is compulsion now and you have reached that level that you both can discuss and take decision than you may start thinking in direction of having kids. If you both have maturity in thinking, you will easily be able to cope with the phase coming up next. 
5) Too much romance also becomes monotonous and at one time you want change, I suggest if you start feeling so you might start thinking in direction to have kids.
6)If kids of your friends or relatives becomes attraction for you both and you want to spend time with kids, it might be signal that you can go to have one of yours.
children,marriage, patipatni,pregnancy,shaadi
When should we go ahead and plan to have kids?
Having child is not decision of one, it is mutual decision so its better that you both prepare yourself mentally so that you enjoy each and every moment of this beautiful phase.

Love life... Live life!!!
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