8 tips to make your sex life spicy

Spicy sex life is what we all want. If your sex life is naughty and happy you will feel more efficient the whole day in your work. 
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8 tips to make your sex life spicy

Here I want to suggest some tips which may help you make your sex life wilder and spicy
1. Having wild foreplay before sex can be exciting. Here girl should take lead and must behave like wild cat giving teasing touch, lick on private part of yours to arouse your inner wildness. This will make you both crazy for each other
2. Tieing your partner(obviously if one agrees to it) and covering partners eyes with black cloth and then giving him or her sensual touching, licking, sucking and kissing experience where other one could hardly move and resist can also make you both craziest.
3. Playing with the G-spot of your partner can excite him. Boys G spot lies in the ball near his private part. If you play with his private part with your fingers, lick it or even suck he will feel as he is on cloud nine. Be sure that your nails are trimmed and you do anything without hurting him as it is most delicate part of man.Also, do whatever after taking consent from him.
Similarly man can lick the G-spot of the girl which is inside her vagina. Sucking and kicking on that part can make her crazy and she will go mad to get very close to you.
4. Sex toys can also be exciting and can make you erotic and naughty adding spice in your intense moments.
5. Trying out different positions can also be exciting and can make you both crazy. Lying at side or having your girl ride you or any other position will add spark your sex life.
6. Move out of your bedroom and have sex at different locations. This is fascinating. Having sex on kitchen counter or on the couch or on the carpet on your study table can be oh la la la.. Just imagine how exciting it would be. If you have open area and you get a chance to come close there, just imagine it.
7. Having sex in shower can be really erotic when you both put shower gel to each other and rub it on each other's body.
8. Giving each other body massage can other be erotic as well. Put oil on your body and your partners body and rub your body against your partner and massage. Massaging with your boobs can be craziest.
It is your imagination which can add spice to your sex life so be creative and naughty as much as you can. Enjoy your life..
Love life... Live life!!!!

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