How to deal with family members who stress you

Generally there are some members in family who are there to stress you as stressing others is their favorite pass time. In festive season or holidays when you want to relax or enjoy, you generally get stuck because of these members who may be anyone of your in laws.Visiting them and spending time with them is what situation demands but their comments stress you up and the heart rate in your body rises and your body gets flooded with the harmones called cortisol and norepinephrine which makes you more stressful. These person simply enjoy making stories of situations and adding pinching comments so that they can satisfy their ego. You might take time to understand that their real motive is only to show their importance as this is only their time pass.
Generally these people don't have much productive work to do and they pretend that they are the most ethical persons in this whole world. When you get out of this environment created by them and start realizing their nature then you start feeling even more stressed as you know that everything what is done is intentional. 
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How to deal with family members who stress you 

The best way to deal with such people is to let them go and do whatever they want. Let them speaking and satisfying their so called ego.
You can also sarcastically give replies sometimes which might give them a set back.
You need to make your self prepared that this phase is shortlived so why to care and take this phase that seriously. I know this is easy to say and very difficult to follow but try it and implement it..
Plan your visit to such people as short as possible and try to keep yourself busy in yourself when you are with them. May be you can involve yourself with your kids or some other task that you get least time to conversate.
Be positive and always keep thinking of happy times ahead when you get stuck in these situation.
Even you can reply in question to their question. This will make them thinking. These people aim at grilling you to take out something from your mouth and make stories so speak less and hear less too
Love life... Live life!!!

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