How to deal with partner who is too dominating

If your partner is dominating i. e. who takes most of decisions of your life too and who controls you, your life can be miserable. Being in love with such a person reduces your chances of getting apart from him also.
Initially, you may think that let life go smoothly and may not interfere in the way you are being controlled but life becomes tough as it goes on.
Here I suggest you some ways which can make your life easy and help you to live with each other peacefully.
1. You should never let things go but you should resist that you also have a choice. You should tell your partner that it is not that you like what he do but it is you also want to do on your own also. Conversate your spouse about your likes and dislikes.
2. Make your partner aware that you don't like his this sort of behaviour. Make your spouse aware that this sort of behaviour troubles you and often cause stress. Let the point be clear that if decision is taken mutually you appreciate it and it is not that you want to dominate your partner.
3. Take some decisions by yourself also. This will make your partner realise that you are independent and have your own thoughtprocess.
4.Don't follow a diplomatic approach. Clear and assertive approach is always appreciable. So always tell your point but in a soft polite tone and language
5. Last but not least it is you two who can improve your relationship. So talk to each other and try to improve your concerns. A little help from family and friends may help but ultimately you two have to work on betterment of your relationship.  Frustration and stress in any relationship can finish it. Nurture your relationship with love and care so that it is long lasting and you enjoy your life.
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How to deal with partner who is too dominating

So enjoy life.. Love life.. Live life!!!

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