How to get your girl ultimately satisfied while in bed

Ultimate satisfaction is something which is beyond words to describe. If ultimate satisfaction is reached by both men and women in bed your sexual life would be like a old wine which keeps on getting better.
Here I share some golden tips which may help you both get that level of satisfaction which no one describe in words.
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How to get your girl ultimately satisfied while in bed

1. Keep on trying with new things:The more innovative and naughty your foreplay will be, the more are the chances that you will both get carried away easily and achieve that level when you found yourself on cloud nine away from the world. Monotonous way of coming close can make you loose desire for sex.
Here I suggest some of the ideas
a. Having shower together
b. Playing sexual games
c. Watching adult movie together
d. Singing for your girl if you can sing and she likes your singing
e.Rubbing ice all over her body especially at her breast, on naval point, her private parts etc.
f. Close her eyes and lick her all over
g. Give her a love bite
This list can be long depending your naughtiness and imagination. Even simple things like dancing together,having candle light dinner can also arouse your partner.
2. Start with oral sex: Oral sex is also a factor with arouse your girl and give you both ultimate satisfaction. Suck each other's private parts. This will increase your desire and you both will get that excited and will want to get as close and possible leading to ultimate satisfaction.
3.Keep on trying new positions: Different angles of penetration provides different level of satisfaction.
4.Communicate and ask your girl about her likes and dislikes while having sex:Keeping these likes and dislikes in mind and strictly following them can do wonders.

Hope you both will get ultimate satisfaction following these golden rules. Keep enjoying!!
Live life.. Love life!!!

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