How to get your girlfriend in mood?

If you are in relationship,a thought that always is at back of your mind is how to turn on your girl ie. how to get her in mood. This is not a easy task as you have to turn her and she should even not know that you are deliberately doing it. No girl like that you have sex back in mind when you are getting romantic. This is the fact. If she knows that you have intention and your actions are governed by it,it will be terrible situation for you and you might even loose your girlfriend. So be careful.
Secondly to set her to mood, you must have sex in mind otherwise you won't be able to get close or turn her on.
 Here are some tips for getting her to mood:
1)Try spending time in isolation with her. The more you will get chance to spend time together, chances of getting close will be high.
girlfriend/boyfriend,relationship,sex, rules
How to get your girlfriend in mood?

2)Hold her hands gently while walking around, give kiss on her forehead and her eyes. Then come triangle plan ie. Look in her left eyes for 2 sec, then right eye for 2 sec and then her lips for longer time ie 3 sec. This will let her know your mood.
3)Hold her from shoulders and bring her close to your side so that she can feel a bit of your warmth. Girls like these soft moments.
4)Plan a romantic date with candle light dinner, soft romantic music and champagne. Girls like this gesture and get carried away easily.
5)Roll your fingers in her hair, praise her and talk about romantic moments or even you can sing a song for her.
6)Talking bit naughty and seeing her reaction can get you a signal that she wants to go further. Laughing together on silly jokes can also set her in mood.
7)Now if you find that she wants it to happen, take lead and kiss her on lips. Don't hesitate now. If you hesitate, you will miss the chance.
8)Take her to some private place closing hugging her holding her from waist. You can start getting naughty now. You can tough her body above her dress now. Roll her back, kiss on her neck, behind the ears. You might be wondering will it work, I tell you this works.. Try it🤗
9)Now in the room you are the boss. Foreplay is essential in beginning, smooching, getting off your clothes, cuddling, rubbing your legs against her and so on... 
10)No need to tell you further. Enjoy and have most enjoyable and satisfying time.. 
Here I want to quote one thing, never force a girl, if she is not ready then there is always next time. Mutual consent is important for ultimate satisfaction.
girlfriend/boyfriend,relationship,sex, rules
How to get your girlfriend in mood?

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