Kiss which may make your partner go crazy

Kissing is an art and the warmth caused by kiss is much more than any other gesture. All senses of body gets stimulated while you kiss and it is stress reliever and also helps in burning calories.
A good satisfying kissing is an art and should keep following things in mind while kissing.
1. Your lips are the once which gets close to your partner lips so take good care of your lips. The smoother, pink/red and shiny they are more attractive they will be. Your lips should be that teasing that your partner should not be able to resist without getting close to you. 
Kiss which may make your partner go crazy
2. The odor of your mouth ie your breath also plays important role while kissing. Use mouth wash and also brush your teeth properly so that your mouth smells good. 
3. Don't go for smooching immediately, rather start with teasing small kisses where your nose gets poked in your partners nose.
4. When you start feeling the heat and desire to be close, lip lock your partner for a while hugging each other hard.
5. Don't use tongue immediately, but when you both are too passionate and can't resist getting apart, let your tongue play with the tongue of your partner.
6.And then go for long intense kiss ie smooch making you both crazy for each other.
If you will have emotions while kissing you will enjoy it as much as you enjoy having sex. It is also as magical as having sex. So enjoy kissing!!!
Love life... Live life!!!

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