Lets talk about Love and infatuation

Love is strong feeling for someone which grows with time whereas infatuation is feeling for short time merely due to attraction or desire to have someone for you.
Life span of infatuation is limited whereas love lasts for longer time or its bond for lifetime. Infatuation may be considered as a part of love in one sense as if you are close to someone and have feelings for him/her, you start infatuating towards her. But if we look both of them in detail, they are totally different and are not complimentary to each other. 
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Lets talk about Love and infatuation

1.Infatuation is instant reaction and you become crazy for someone and want to have that person for you. You have physical desires for that person and you keep on thinking for the one all day and night. On the other hand love is a bond which develops with time and you have feelings for someone which is affection, care and you get emotionally attached to that person. If you are in real love you become a more mature person and your behaviour is much more calmer. You want that person in your life to hold your hand and walk side by side in all ups and down and not just for physical satisfaction.
2.You become possessive if you are infatuated for someone and that thing wants you to have that person for you but in case of love you let things go and you start building deep connection with some person. His all good becomes good for you and all bad becomes bad for you. Your soul starts getting connected with the other person.
3.Generally friendship preludes love and time spend together and bonding established give roots to love to blossom. Infatuation is all of a sudden and desire emerges in it and you start behaving like a child and can do anything to get that person for you.
4.You start becoming insecure if that person talks to someone else and also aggressive sometimes in case of infatuation whereas you have full believe in yourself that the other person will be yours and you never get aggressive.
5. You can be infatuated with number of persons but you fall in love with only one person. It is life long feeling for someone. Love has power to heal you up but infatuation destroys you and make you sick. 
love, relationship
Lets talk about Love and infatuation

Love is life long experience and a feeling which goes through all ups and downs but you have same bonding for that person and your relationship keeps on getting mature with time. So lets all fall in love and make life worthy of living.
Love life.. Live life!!!
Rati Rai.

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