Lets talk about morning sex

Morning sex is most fascinating experience and it is most refreshing for the couple as it keeps them healthy and excited the whole day in their work. It is better than going out for workout as it burns calories and that too without putting additional effort. It increases your bonding with your partner and your mood is fresh the whole day. Morning sex relieves stress and even make one looks younger. While having sex in morning cuddle hormones are released which makes you more closer to your partner. Your skin glows because of your happiness and hormones produced during having sex.
If it is that beneficial, then why not go for it.. 
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Lets talk about morning sex

Here I share the ways to initiate morning sex
1. Start teasing each other while you are half sleep touching each other's erotic areas like behind the ears, neck and cuddle together.
2. Kiss each other or even breath close, that warmth will make you both excited to go for sex.
3. If you are worry about time, set your alarm clock say about 20 minutes early than your daily routine. If you feel like sleeping more then just go close to your partner, hug her and sleep. Automatically, your desires will start stimulating.
4. You can be lazy while having sex and go for positions which donot require much of effort. Those lazy positions which can be done lying in bed can be exciting.
5. You both can have shower together which will save time and you can take out time while having shower for sex.
6.Morning light, light breeze and slow noise of birds chirping makes you romantic if you wish to get started just focus on enjoying this beauty of nature. You will naturally be turned on.
7. Positions like spooning, doggy, cowgirl,hot wrap, 69 position can be ideal for morning sex.
Enjoy these tips and boost up your sex life.
Love life.. Live life!!!

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