Saas Bahu relationship:Useful tips for men to handle it

Relationship between Saas bahu is often classified as the most delicate relationship as lots of ego of different sorts are attached to it.The man ( son of one and husband of another has to suffer in between).Man get crushed between the two parties as he is near and dear to both of them and both wants him to listen only to her. it becomes stressful and awkward sit Here I want to share some useful tips for man to cope up with the situation 
Saas Bahu relationship:Useful tips for men to handle it

1. Dont try to be the judge: It is advised for man that he should not try to judge who is right and who is wrong. If he gets into this, he will surely annoy one of them and that wont be good for all.
2. Be diplomatic: Being diplomatic and giving equal importance and sympathy to both will only serve the purpose. Blaming one will only worsen the situation.
3. Don't try to dig facts and find truth: In case of misunderstanding between two, never try becoming investigator and finding out whose at fault. This will make one of the two on backfoot and she wont be able to digest her defeat. So put a deaf ear to all the narrations told to you of the situation.
4. Speak to your mom that you are her son but you are also husband now: Speak up with your mom that you have additional responsibility now. You have to take care of your wife as well now
5. Speak with your wife that you are also a son: Make clear to your wife that you are also a son and also tell her that you are most important to me now but I need to take care of my mother as well.
6. Help your wife to keep herself busy with other things as well and tell her not to involve in harsh discussion with your mother.
7. Love your wife, go for outing and enjoy your life and tell her that these are small things in life which have to be tackled with care. 
The wisely you will handle the situation the better will be your life. Both are important to you so try maintaining a balance and enjoy life.
Love Life...Live Life!!!!

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