Mother in law ( wife's mother) factor in your married life: How should it be tackled

According to Indian custom, girls after marriage have to go to husband's place leaving their parents place. It is obvious that love for your parents cannot be reduced but one has to get adjusted in new life as well. It has been seen these days many problem in married life of couples is caused due to interference of wife's mother.
It is fact that mother's love for her daughter is extreme and has no comparison. Mother can do anything for her daughter and daughter's are close to their mothers.For a mother, her daughter is always a child and she loves her from core of her heart. A small pinch to daughter can cause pain to mother as she loves her more than herself.
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Mother in law ( wife's mother) factor in  your married life: How should it be tackled   

Now, in new married life, there is new family with which her daughter has to cope with. She is not familiar to anyone and we all know no two people are unique.Adjustment in new environment takes time for sure. If it is love marriage then she might have bonding with her husband but in case of arrange marriage, bonding is restricted to the exposure they both have got to know each other in courtship phase and that is limited in most of cases specially in middle class families.
Now in new environment things will be favorable and some things might not be favorable so newly married girl becomes upset and shares the feeling with her mother. For mother she is still a small baby and she cannot resist if anything is done against her daughter mood or like. She may ask her daughter to oppose or will see things only from her daughters perspective.Her advises may harm the new relationship of her daughter. 
Now if the situation is tackled tactfully things can be better. Fact here is no one wants to spoil the relationship and there is no ones fault. Following points should be remembered to make relations happier and healthier.
1) Girl should understand that it is new beginning of her life and her role as a person has changed. She has to play a mature role now. She might feel things bad but she should not communicate everything to her mother who is listening and reacting only by knowing one perspective that too of her loved one.
2) Girl must not hesitate in talking to her husband about the situation if she is unable to tackle and husband should intervene maturely as it is his responsibility to provide healthy environment to his wife, a new member to family.
3) A little patience is required as your new life is like a plant which  you are planting and it requires  lot of care and love to grow. So, dont be too aggressive and try to be loving and caring.
4)It is your new life and time to get close to your husband, forget all other persons around you and keep your mind fresh and enjoy ths precious moment of life.
The more you will support your wife to handle things by yourself the more attachment of girl will be towards your family and this is must for any relationship and girls also should not be childish and handle this phase delicately. Believe me once you are through this phase , life will be fun . Infact life is always fun ..its your perspective which needs to be positive!!!

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