Sex life after kids ? How to maintain a happy sex life after kids

New parents or parents of toddlers are always wondering how to get close as most of the time in day and night their kids keep them occupied. You find yourself tired most of the time hanging with kids and start loosing interest in any other activity and become completely dedicated to you children leading to frustration.
If you have two kids, the situation can even be worse but it is you who has to get out of this situation or manage situation to be close to your partner as everything is essential to be happy and satisfied. your body has some needs, they also should be taken care of.
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Sex life after kids ? How to maintain a happy sex life after kids

Here are some ways or points which may help as guide to happy sex life after kids.
1) Never stop communicating to each other. Whenever you get private time tell about the challenges you are facing to cope up with the sex life with your partner. Also be frank and open to share your needs and desire with each other. This communication will help you get a solution for the concern and as I say it is you who will find the solution. Nobody from outside will come and help you. Also, having sex desires after kids is common , so never feel shy that how come you have desires after kid. You are still the same person as you were before having kids. always have that in mind.
2)Don't make your household chores priority over your personal life.The more you will get over the sickness to keep house tidy as it used to be when there were no kids, the more relaxed you will feel. Believe that kids will make noise and untidy things. Tidy up things only once a day or when it is required urgently. This will relieve half of your tension and you will feel relaxed.
3)Change the time of when you get close. Perhaps early morning time or when kids are fast asleep you can wake up for each other and spend that quality time together. This will make you feel fresh and energetic too to handle the kids.
4)Before having kids, having those intense moments was a event which used to last for hours. Full preparation was needed. Now you hardly need 10 minutes and you both are familiar with what your partner likes and how one gets aroused so it is quite simple now.
5)Your care for your body is not over your mind every time. Before kids, you always have fixed routine for beauty sessions, now you don't that much care about your looks. Think in this direction you will find your world easy.
marriage, sex, patipatni, relationship
Sex life after kids ? How to maintain a happy sex life after kids

6)The bottom line is be positive. If you think this is your priority, you will make ways by yourself.
Enjoy the life... Live the life!!!
Love life.. Live life!!!

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