Sex life and pregnancy

Life may totally change before your wife is pregnant, during pregnancy and after pregnancy.You and your wife might feel the satisfaction once your wife is  pregnant but you should be ready with the life which will be following the time now as it will not be same. You need to accept the fact that your wife has a baby inside her so there will be emotional,physical changes in her and mood swings will be more often.
Pregnancy can be the most lovable phase of your life if you love it , live it. Believe me, I am not joking..
If you keep following points in mind, this phase will be blessing in all respect
1) Don't cut away your sexual desires during pregnancy thinking that it might hurt the baby, this is only a myth , sex never hurts the baby. But remember that do take precautions if doctor suggests so.
2)During pregnancy dont hide your feelings, communicate with your partner about your desires,needs etc. Hiding your feelings can adversely effect both of you and cause gloominess in life.
3) Try the positions which you find comfortable with the baby bump. It is phase to experiment with different positions as missionary position might be bit tough.
4) Mood swings may be common for pregnant lady so try to understand her feeling and she should support her husband and help him masturbate.
sex, pregnancy
Sex life and pregnancy 

5) Sex toys , vibrators, oral sex, mutual masturbation can be helpful if you find having sex later during pregnancy tough. It was provide you with same pleasure as you get from penetration.
6) Her leaking breasts may be bit annoying but one need to understand that you are through a blessed phase. On the other hand, you can be more closer to each other as no protection is required. So this is plus point.
7) The more you both will keep yourself happy and satisfied, the pregnancy will be healthy.
So enjoy this phase of life too. It is blessed phase to fullest.
Love life life!!!

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  1. Is it safe to have sex during first trisemester of pregnancy? Will it harm the growth of my baby? Please tell

  2. Sex during pregnancyin certain positions is not harmful at all. Infact it is necessary for healthy happy life. But if doctor otherwise tells you due to some complications in your pregnancy or any other reason you must follow doctors advice seriously.


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