Ways to keep your married life right on track:A must read for wife

As the journey of life starts after marriage, everything is glamorous. You are always on mind of your husband. Romance, sex, dating and those moments are always on. As life goes on, it starts becoming a routine and other things like work, home, kids start becoming priority as you find yourself more occupied with them all the time.
Now your expectations from your husband start increasing. You want him to help you in everything and if he refuse, you start thinking that he dont care for you any more. Am I talking sense?? Think over it.
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Ways to keep your married life right on track:A must read for wife

Generally here starts the period of nagging of your husband and you start to get into cycle where you find everything bad in him. I know it is you who has given priority to home than your professional life. You might have started working from home or even quit the job for sake of your family or kids. If you were home maker you might have found yourself occupied in these chore most of time and may find hard to get personal time.
But what is your husband fault in this. This is life and it goes that way. Nagging or criticizing is not the solution. This will make things worse and you will find life is not good to live i.e. depression will peep in leading to health issues  mental tension and that will ruin your life and people around you. Think over it...
I know you don't have control over your frustration but you and your husband are the only ones who have solution for this. For finding out solution and having happy life here I suggest some solutions..
1)Communication is the key for all circumstances. The more you will talk to your partner rather than thinking things inside and nagging him, criticizing him, things will get better. Tell him that you are tired and think of reducing workload or managing things the way they can be.
2) Try encouraging and telling him that you feel good if he helps whenever possible for him.
3)Always have in your mind that he is also human and his physical energy has also limitations like yours. 
love, patipatni,relationship
Ways to keep your married life right on track:A must read for wife

4) Change a bit of your psychology and don't keep tidyness of house or household chores on your priority list. Keep your relationship on priority. This little change in mind will do wonders.
5)Encourage your husband to steal those personal time and tell him you love spending some quality time with him. This will motivate him and your relationship will be better.
Don't make life dull and have positive state of mind as life is a journey and all phases have their importance. But try to have some personal intimate time with your partner that will help you both to trigger up and that energy will help you to cope with all phases of life.
Love life... Live life!!!

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