Ways which can help you to maintain work-life balance after marriage

Just after your marriage, after the good honeymoon times and when your leaves come to an end the real challenge starts for both man and woman(if she is working) to maintain work life balance.
Life is not the same as it was before marriage where there were no such responsibilities on you. Now you have to take care of househild chores, personal life, family and ofcourse your office.
You start feeling like you are always short of time and things never end up. Family and relatives have their expectations towards you as well. 
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Ways which can help you to maintain work-life balance after marriage

And there comes a time when you find little or no time for your spouse and yourself. This leads to frustration and marriage charm starts fading.
It is essential to maintain work life balance to make your relationship always in blooming phase.
Here I share some points which one should follow to maintain that much needed balance:
1. Always make a priority list and keep your relationship at the top. Ultimately it is you two who have just started your new life and the more time you will spend together the better will be your bonding.
2. Keep your office work restricted to office only especially in the initial days of marriage. If there is too much work pressure, work for an hour more but in office only. When you are at home try to forget about office until its very urgent. If you will be mentally not occupied about office at home, you can fully utilise this time with your partner. If possible switch off office phone at least from 8 in evening to 7 in morning( if you have normal working shifts)
3.Try to restrict time with family and friends. Take atleast one day in a week which you both spend with each other without others poking into it.
4. Whenever you get breaks, plan vacations, this will give you energy to work more efficiently and better will be your work and personal life.
5.Always keep doing small little romantic things for each other like sending a message, bringing flowers, having candle light dinner, going for long drive, dancing together etc
6. Keep showing your concern for each other atleast once or twice from office as well.May be you can talk during lunch break or message whenever you are free.
7. If both of you are working, try cooking together and doing silly naughty things to keep showing your romantic gestures. This will keep your love life having new sparks and you both will enjoy it.
8. Physical intimacy also has its importance and please don't ignore it in work pressure but plan your work in such a way that you can be physically ready to come close to your partner. These intense moments makes your relationship strong.
9. Also don't forget to take out time for personal grooming as it is also essential at work place and also in your family/personal life.
10. Last but not least, it is you both who have to manage it. So be open to your partner and conversate on case you are finding any situation difficult to handle. The more you will discuss, easier will be to find the solution because we all know that every situation has some solution.
It is your life,love it to fullest and enjoy your work as well as your home.
Love life... Live life!!!
Yours and only yours
Rati Rai

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