What can one do if partner wants divorce

Bringing any relationship to end is matter of seconds. But it takes long to bring relationship bloom. It requires lot of love, care, commitment and respect to bring flowers in any relationship.
It is most difficult time when one starts thinking of taking divorce but lot can be done to stop the other one to think so. Some deliberate efforts can help you bring your relationship back on track. 
patipatni, divorce, relationship
What can one do if partner wants divorce

1. Straightly ask your partner why he thinks so. And tell that you can never think of living away from him. Open up the door to communication.
2. Ask your partner to write down the reasons for taking divorce from you and you write down why you don't want divorce if this is the case and share your writings with each other. Don't discuss on each point but read what other has written. After sometime say over a night you can discuss because after giving sometime for thinking your perspective might have changed.
3.Try to listen to your partner and speak less. Have patience in yourself if you really don't want divorce. Think of the things from others point of view also.
4.Take out some time for meditation as this will make you calmer and you will be able to not over react while having discussion.
5.Talk about the good times you both have spend in your relationship together and try to find out the real reason behind the cause of frustration and introspect yourself that how much you are responsible for it. 
patipatni, divorce, relationship
What can one do if partner wants divorce

6. Even you can involve some good friend of you both to sit and counsel both of you or you can go to professional marriage counsellor for advice.
Relationship are life blood so preserve them with love, care, trust and understanding.
Enjoy life...
Live life... Live life!!!

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