What to do if you think your partner is cheating with you

In relationship, trust is utmost important. But if you get to sense that your partner is going along with someone else, you start feeling low and you find all your love, affection and trust is broken.
Here I want to say that only thinking about your partner is cheating without any proof or certainty, you should not over react but make all possible ways to know the truth.
Till you get to know the truth, don't let your trust get broken. Here are certain things which you should do in such situation:
First of all try to remember all instances that made you think so. Write them down on piece of paper. Then after a while when your mind is cool read them again and analyse how important these reasons can be. 
What to do if you think your partner is cheating with you

You should think of your relationship with your partner and how much love and care you share with each other. Try to note down all romantic goodie moments you have shared together.
Also try to figure out is your relationship going on right track these days. Think on the line are you giving each other ample time.
If you find after writing that things are not that bad as you may be imagining then conversation holds the key. Talk to your partner may be directly and find out the answer to your suspicion. This step will let you know the reality.
See trust is most important in relationship. If trust is broken there is end of relationship because love and care are flowers of trust. Sometimes misunderstandings can ruin relationship. On the other hand, if other one is cheating seriously than there is no forgiveness but don't let your relationship get spoiled because of just misunderstanding.
Love life.. Live life!!!

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