Your man can be crazy for you: A must read for all girls.

Life is journey and it has different phases. Some phases might  be very romantic while some phases may make life look gloomy. Your love life also has phases but a happy and ever cherishing love life makes you feel young.
If you find your life is getting monotonous, being little naughty and crazy can make your life happening. A little attempt from your end can add spice in your life which we all want.
Here I share some golden rules which may make your man gets crazy for you and your closeness will increase. 
Your man can be crazy for you: A must read for all girls. 

1. Open up with your man and talk about everything including his touching you. Talk about your romantic moments, your memories and even do dirty talking which will make him sexual attracted towards you. Tell him the sex positions you like and how you like when he comes close to you. This conversation will make him go crazy for you.
2. Add up some adventure to your life. May be you both can go for long drive, playing some sports together or even going out for holidays. These adventurous things makes you both feel refreshed and get crazy for each other.
3.Give him surprises by arranging candle light dinner or by dressing up in a way he likes. Be little sexy in your appearances. Go out for long walk and spend quality time together with each other.
4. Don't ignore your personal grooming as well. Take care of yourself and your body. Sexy body and looks always attract man, this is a secret which we all are aware of.
5. Let him know that you enjoy his closeness towards you. You love when he hugs you, kisses you. You can even surprise him with a random kiss or by touching his private part. This will make him crazy for you and know your naughty intentions.
6. Dancing together also brings closeness and your partner loves those moments. Singing together or even watching movie together makes you both come close to each other. Don't miss chances of coming close.
7. After those romantic moments when it comes to sex, don't go straight into it. Enjoy foreplay and take lead by playing with his private part to drive him crazy for you. Wear your sexy lingerie and give him surprise by coming over him and behaving like wild cat. He will definitely go mad for you and will eat you up.. I bet.
Your naughtiness and crazyness can make your life full of energy and charm. So make your man crazy for you and don't let your life go on dull track.
Love life... Live life!!!
Rati Rai

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